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AMC Source

One organization’s journey to choosing the right AMS

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When Gregory Brooks of AMC Source decided to focus on Small Staff Associations, he knew he’d need to find a unique AMS solution to offer clients. “Six years ago, we realized we were managing a small group of associations using different types of software solutions,” Gregory said. When he spoke with MemberClicks he realized, “Hey! There ARE solutions for Small Staff Associations!”

Small staff associations have to operate with limited money, time and staffing. So the immediate appeal to AMC Source of signing on with MemberClicks was the cost effectiveness of the solution. Higher cost options were not appropriate for Gregory’s clients.

Solving Pain Points with the RIGHT AMS

Just as important as cost effectiveness was the feature set of MemberClicks’ association management system. Since each of Gregory’s clients is so unique, the right AMS needed to be flexible enough to suit clients from trade associations to academic groups, boasting a wide range of features from easily updatable member profiles to event registration to renewal. “We evaluated four to six systems and selected MemberClicks because of the scalability and flexibility of being able to accommodate different types of groups and even future clients” Gregory said of his AMS search.

One particular point of ease according to Gregory is event registration. Their process has become streamlined due to MemberClicks’ capabilities. In the past, associations would collect applications, registrations and payment via fax, mail, and hard copy. Then a staff member would need to manually enter the information into a spreadsheet and process payments. “When we migrated to MemberClicks, we eliminated those steps,” said Gregory. “By cutting back on the administrative burden our team had more time to devote to more mission critical work and help the associations that we serve keep the costs down for staffing.” Gregory added that MemberClicks’ PCI compliance, or credit card security certification, was a big positive too, putting them at ease in regards to payment security.

AMC Source has launched a dozen different MemberClicks clients in the last five years and has worked with several different members of MemberClicks’ implementation and support team. Each case was successful. Gregory pointed out that MemberClicks worked to customize solutions to the particular client, and they have been proactive in helping AMC Source deliver optimal solutions that meet their clients’ different needs.

Having this advanced service allows us to budget better and save our clients money… It reduced a cost for our clients by not having to hire a full time IT person to help manage.

Gregory also works with the MemberClicks Maintenance team who provide support in the form of ongoing monthly professional services. “MemberClicks Maintenance support has helped our team serve our clients particularly during our peak periods like membership renewal campaigns, annual meetings and overhauling our content. Having this advanced service allows us to budget better and save our clients money. We are able to allocate our staff resources where most necessary. It reduced a cost for our clients by not having to hire a full time IT person to help manage.”

As far as the future, AMC Source is happy to be a boutique operation with big goals, focusing on serving their clients well. The partnership between AMC Source and MemberClicks isn’t going anywhere. According to Gregory, “our first choice is MemberClicks, and we recommend it to our clients.”