Membership Dues Payment

Dues payments made easy for your association

Renewal percentages have never looked better with our automated, easy-to-manage dues payment functionality.

We provide an automated solution for your membership application and dues renewal process, customizable to your organization. With MemberClicks, you can instantly add dues payment functionality to any new or existing website. Our customizable web-based solution provides an easy way to automate your dues renewal process for all members.

Collect member applications and dues renewals

  • Add custom member application forms to your website. 
  • Allow members to sign up or renew memberships automatically on a recurring basis. 
  • Update member status automatically, or leave them pending until verification and approval. 
  • Offer one-click renewals via email, website or member profiles

Increase member retention and dues revenue through automation

  • Send out automated, personalized email reminders about deadlines / scheduled payments. Bar graph growing icon
  • Automatically generate invoices for dues payments. 
  • Enable members to make one-time payments or recurring renewals through your website.
  • Set deadlines for dues; automatically update member status for payment and non-payment. 
  • Quickly configure grace periods with intuitive settings. 
  • Enable reminders for lapsed members to increase retention. 

Manage everything with one integrated solution

  • Keep track of members and prospects with a database that automatically updates with any activity –event registrations, communications and more.  
  • Put your data to work for you with extensive membership lifecycle tracking.
  • Verify member information and seamlessly update new information. 

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