It’s not hard coming up with business for your membership and leadership meetings. There’s always an event to plan, old business to discuss, or a fire to put out. All that stuff to talk about, though, and you can’t post it on social media. Content, content everywhere and not a line to post. Now you’re left looking for social media content.

 Finding social media content for your association

Actually, you probably could post a little from your meetings on social media.

If you have something quick that can be answered with a poll or an online debate, that could work. Some great examples for meeting content that carries over nicely to social media are venue selections for events and meetings, suggestions for activities or philanthropy, or even a quick call for volunteers.

If you want to keep your meeting minutes to yourself, here are some other places to find some great social media content (or at least inspire some ideas.)


Set up a Google reader to keep an eye on industry blogs. Even if you’re just sharing someone else’s blog, if you found it interesting it could be a useful resource for your members and followers too.


Pictures and Video

Never underestimate your members and followers human need to look at themselves. Take lots of pictures and video at your events, if you can. It’ll help boost your SEO with the new, visual updates. Also, be sure to tag your friends to draw special attention to them and to show up in their friends’ news feeds. They can always un-tag themselves, but you might want to only tag flattering pictures just so you don’t inadvertently annoy anyone with an off-guard, candid shot.


Other’s social media content

In social media it’s all about sharing. There’s nothing wrong with sharing, retweeting, or repining someone else’s content. The credit is passed to the original poster and they will probably be thrilled to see their content shared.


Bite-sized, t-shirt phrases or quotes

Oreo could post “Thumbs up if you like Oreos!” and get thousands of likes in a matter of seconds. That might not work for your specific association (unless you run a cookie association, which is awesome) but I bet there’s something short and sweet out there that could get similar reactions. Also don’t forget quotes. I had someone tell me once, “If it would look good on a T-shirt, it’ll be shared.” That means relevant quotes and inspirational sayings. Lucky for us the Internet is a never-ending source of quotes, sayings, and song lyrics.


Now that you have the content under control, time to get posting! If you need some help getting going with your social media, check out our free Association Guide to Social Media.