Your organization’s website is critical for membership recruitment, as well as membership engagement. It’s how prospects find you. It’s how members access many of their benefits.

So, unsurprisingly, it’s an asset that deserves much of your attention — and frequent updates. A (good) website is never done!

How can you continue to improve your membership website? Below are a few resources for copy, design, and more!

Best practices for the public-facing side of your membership website

Your membership website likely has a public-facing side and a member-facing side. With the public-facing side in particular, you want it to be attractive to prospects — so much so that they want to become members!

That means having an intuitive navigation, a mobile-friendly design, clear and compelling calls-to-action, and more.

Best practices for the member-facing side of your membership website 

Of course, you want the public-facing side of your membership website to be engaging, but you especially want the member-facing side of your website to be engaging. After all, that’s where your members access a majority of their benefits — your member directory, members-only content, upcoming events, etc.

So what can you do on the member-facing side to make it just that  — engaging?

Tips for getting your members’ input 

Ultimately, your website is designed for your members and prospective members, so why not go to the source and ask for their thoughts and feedback?

A short survey asking what’s missing, what could be improved, etc. could be just what you need to level up your membership website. Keep it short and simple with these eight questions.

Remember, websites are living, digital assets. To get the results you’re looking for — visitors, conversions, etc. — ongoing maintenance is required.

For more tips on marketing your association or chamber, beyond your membership website, check out our free guide below!