People often think of website updates as needing to be big and elaborate (and by extension, complicated). But that couldn’t be further from the truth! Sure, website redesigns have their time and place (no one wants an outdated website!), but at the same time, sometimes just a few minor tweaks can drive the engagement (and “fresh look”) you’re seeking.  

With 2019 right around the corner, what better time to freshen up your association or chamber’s website? Read on for four little makeover musts:

1. Update your content

Your content is the core of your website. It’s what drives people to your site – and keeps them there! That said, it needs to be tended to frequently.

Before heading into the new year, start by updating your existing content. Is everything that’s currently published still accurate? (Your membership levels, your committees, your contact information, etc.) Getting that information in order is step one.

Step two, though, is adding in new content. Do you have any new reports or white papers you can add to your resource center? Do you have any press releases that aren’t currently on your press page? What about awards? Did your organization win anything this year that can be highlighted on your website?

Your website is a digital representation of your organization, so make sure it’s an accurate one!

2. Add new images

Images make your site look good. Period. Plus, they’re highly engaging (especially if you’re featuring members). Keep things interesting by switching those images up. We’re talking about the banner image on your home page, the pictures you’ve chosen to represent you on your “About Us” page, and of course, the headshots on your staff/board of directors page(s).

Note: If you’ll have a new board and/or staff members in the new year, prep that content (images included) now. It’ll save you a lot of time (and stress) once things get rolling in January.

3. Tweak your calls-to-action

Calls-to-action (or CTAs, for short) are the key to engagement on your website – for both members and prospects. They’re the little words or phrases that try to get people to take action. For example, “Join here!” or “Register here!” Needless to say, VERY important.

For even more engagement in 2019, start playing around with some of your existing CTAs. For pages that seem to have few clicks, try rephrasing those CTAs or putting them in a different location and/or color.

This is a great time to take a look at your website analytics, as well. What pages currently have the most monthly visits? What CTAs are currently on those pages? Are those the CTAs that make the most sense to have on those pages? Again, minor tweaking can have a BIG impact (and analytics can drive you in the right direction).

4. Check your links

Links are great to have throughout your organization’s website – linking to both other pages on your site, as well as to external sites and resources. But what’s not great to have are broken links, which can often come off as unprofessional and drive traffic away. Not good.

Broken links are bound to happen for a number of reasons, so take some time to test those out and make sure they’re taking website visitors to the intended destination. This may even be a good time to add in new links, if and when it makes sense. Remember, valuable links improve the user experience AND keep visitors on your site longer – exactly what you want.

Now these tweaks are pretty easy to make, but maybe your site needs a little more TLC. For even more edits that are bound to bump up onsite engagement (for both members and prospects), check out our free guide, Membership Websites: The Mothership of Online Member Engagement, below!