2018 is officially here! Time for a fresh start – and perhaps some fresh faces at your association. If you’re thinking of hiring new staff in the new year, you’ll want to get them up to speed – and quickly, at that! (You’ve got a lot to do, and all hands on deck is imperative.)

That said, to make sure your new hires get up to speed quickly – and feel comfortable at your association, more importantly (that’s right, we’re talking about employee retention) – take a look at this onboarding checklist:

On their first day:

  • Provide them with a comfortable, clean workspace
  • Send out an introductory email, welcoming the new hire and notifying other staff members
  • Take them around the office and introduce them to other staff members (Don’t leave this up to other staff members or the new hire)
  • Depending on the size of your office, give a detailed office tour (Point out the kitchen, bathrooms, supply closet, etc.)
  • Treat the new hire to lunch (And invite other staff members, if you can)
  • Explain your organization in detail (Who your members are, what benefits they receive, what your biggest challenges are, etc.)
  • Explain the job in detail (What a typical day will look like, what success will look like, etc.)

In their first week:

  • Grant them access to all necessary programs/files (Google Drive, Slack, calendar invites, etc.)
  • Add them to any and all necessary email distribution lists
  • Begin software training (For example, if you’re using an association management system); This will likely be ongoing
  • Schedule one-on-one meetings between them and other department heads/leadership execs (So they can get a 360 on how your organization works)
  • Schedule weekly one-on-one check-ins (At least for their first few months)
  • Assign one or two meaningful projects (And be very clear about expectations)
  • Invite them to connect with your organization on social media

In their first 90 days:

  • Pair them with a mentor (Someone a little bit older and more experienced)
  • Monitor their job performance and provide them with constructive feedback
  • Ask for feedback (On the onboarding process, your organization’s processes, etc.)
  • Schedule and conduct a quarterly review (To discuss their first 90 days, long-term goals, job satisfaction – thus far – etc.)
  • Encourage them to socialize with others
    • Consider planning a small social activity (a happy hour, a catered lunch, etc.) to help them get to know others better

One final, but very important note here: Yes, onboarding is about getting the employee up to speed, but it’s also about ensuring they’re happy with their role and your organization. (Turnover can be a real problem for nonprofits.) That said, as you go through this process, make sure your new hires are interacting with others and fully embracing your organization’s culture. Job satisfaction goes both ways!

Want more tips for new hire onboarding? Check out our free guide, Best Practices for Onboarding New Staff, below!