Every association leader knows that members come and go, the roster gets longer and shorter, and engagement with your association ebbs and flows.

Sometimes it’s completely out of your hands. The economy moves up and down, the industry changes, and completely external factors related to members’ personal lives come into play.

But don’t throw in the towel just yet! There are many opportunities to connect and engage with members despite these seemingly monstrous hurdles in front of you. In fact, we have ten tips for your association and members to stick together like a bunch of Easter Peeps.

Small Staff Guide to Member Retention

1)   Have a solid mission statement

If you don’t know what your association is about, how can you expect for members to rally around it? Remember that your association was established with specific goals in mind. Perhaps it’s time to revisit them and make sure they’re current and relevant to today’s needs and standards?

2)   Emphasize value

Members often disengage because of financial reasons. Sometimes dues can fall under the “unnecessary” line on their budget. This is why you have to pump up the value! Highlight networking opportunities, resume builders, and volunteer opportunities. Sometimes members just need to know what’s in it for them.

3)   Keep programming fresh

Step away from the “same old.” Your members change, grow, and evolve constantly and your membership is being flushed with new members. Mix up venues and themes, but be sure not to alienate members who like some things as they were!

4)   Have a good system in place for interaction

Encourage friendship and make connections easy. Your AMS is a great place to encourage those connections and make contact information safe, but easily accessible. Are you shopping for an AMS?

5)   Focus on the social aspect

Encourage teamwork and throw in a social event every now and then. Information and business is important, but wouldn’t it be great if your members considered your events to be fun and enjoyable as well?

Basically, it’s all about creating a positive vibe and making room for your members to be happy with your association and not see it as another obligation, financial or otherwise. Keep communication open! They joined for a reason… now give your members a reason to stay.

There are 5 more tips for member retention (and a lot more detail on the 5 we already gave you!) and you can find them right here in our free guide!