This week MemberClicks is walking through our guide to managing association growth. Each day we’ll walk you through a step on the long road to preparing for, managing, and executing some spectacular growth!

Yesterday we talked about growing, changing leadership and how to deal. Today, it’s the fun stuff. Events!

Managing Assocaition Growth: Bigger, more frequent, events 

How it happens: In order to keep members engaged, you have to do stuff. Also more members mean more connections, more interests, and more personal preferences. Your association may have a team building, fun event at a new restaurant in town or a new venue, or more open-forum brain storming sessions.


What it means: You need a good calendar that you can share with your members and fellow planners/your board can also edit. Your events calendar in your Association Management System could do the job, or you could use a shared calendar online like Google’s calendar feature.


How to deal: If someone suggests a new or different event that would take a little more planning than usual, empower the person who recommended it to pick up some of the slack. If that isn’t possible, open it up to other members as a chance for them to get involved. You can use your AMS’ social community and allow the volunteers to form an event committee and manage the event within the system. You might be surprised at the volunteers and feedback.

Need some help with those events?