It’s no secret that Facebook is pretty dominant when it comes to social media. (Of course, there are lots of social channels out there, but Facebook has the largest – and one of the most active – userbases.)

So, how can your association really take advantage of everything that Facebook has to offer? You don’t even necessarily have to purchase ads – although they help! – but there are tons of tips and tricks to optimize your page’s performance.

1. Utilize the Facebook Marketing page. Its mission: Facebook Marketing helps educate and inspire marketers on how to make their business successful using Facebook.

2. If you are considering using Facebook ads, try the Demo tool to preview your ads before they go live.

3. Before you launch any type of Facebook activation, use the Brand Resources tool. Know what brands and pages are allowed to do and what they’re not. Did you know that if you are giving away anything with monetary value, fans have to enter through a Facebook application – not by liking your page or commenting?

4. For inspiration, check out Facebook Studio, which showcases some of the innovative work other marketers are doing on Facebook.

TALK TO US: What’s the most innovative Facebook campaign your association has done? Or, what’s one brand who has a Facebook presence you admire?