You may not associate your AMS with member retention, but it should be one of the strongest weapons in your arsenal for keeping your members engaged, connected, and involved. Here’s how.

How your Association Management Software can improve Member Retention

Your Association Management System should bring members together

Your AMS’s social community should go a long way in tying your members together online so they can network and engage offline. Members are more likely to come to events where they will be able to meet new people and learn, as well as interact within the comfort of some friends and associates they consider close. Solidifying those relationships online goes a long way!

Your Association Management System should create opportunities for engagement

Your association management software has the potential to be so much more than event RSVPs and dues renewal. Your members should be able to share pictures, ideas, discuss questions and concerns, and carry issues from your meetings and events further. 

Your Association Management System should make attending events easy

One of the most essential tools of an AMS is event management. Your association management software should not only allow you to establish event registration and sales, but also remind your members when the event is coming up, who else is going, who the speakers are, and so on. Great events lead to happy, engaged members!

Your Association Management System should make dues renewal simple

Of course the first step to a healthy membership is enrolled, registered, dues-paying members. Your AMS should make this step easy to renew, including payment processing and reminders of when the renewals are due.

Your Association Management System should promote your association among your members

Finally, the AMS should be a tool in allowing members to help promote the association among themselves. Internal messaging, picture sharing, community “adds” and message boards are all tools for engagement. Picture this: one member belongs to a committee and extends the invitation to other members via the association management software. The AMS is a central location for connections.


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