One of the biggest challenges I hear repeated over and over from small staff association leaders is a lack of forward momentum with their association’s board. Time and time again association staffers see their great ideas seem to fall into a black hole of board approval, sometimes never to be seen again.

From the board’s perspective, they all have full time jobs and families. Most board members only serve for a year before a new board comes in, so just about the time they’re settled in is when the torch gets passed. And then there’s the inevitable hang-up of reaching a consensus.


When it comes to buying an association management system, the whole thing just gets more bogged down. It’s a long process already because an AMS is a big purchase! Associations want to be sure they are having their needs met so they can get a system that works for them for years to come. There’s a lot to consider!

So how can a small staff association leader with enthusiasm for new, problem-solving technology work smoothly with their association’s board so that an AMS can be decided upon, purchased, and implemented before everyone retires? 

It may be simpler than you think. We wrote a free guide to shopping for an AMS with your board. It includes:

  • A step-by-step guide to necessary conversations to make the process easier for everyone involved
  • Detailed tasks to knock out before you contact any vendors for demos
  • How to handle questions from your board
  • What to do as the go-between with your board and AMS vendors
  • Much more!

Click below to download this free guide and find an AMS solution that brings refreshment to both you and your board- in record time!