introducing memberclicks new product names

If you haven’t noticed, MemberClicks has gone through a few changes in the last couple of years –

  • We used to have one product…now we have seven. (And still more to come!)
  • We used to only have an office in Atlanta…now we’re in Indianapolis and Vancouver, too.
  • We used to have a bearded CEO…now he’s clean shaven.

(JK. Pretty sure Mark will never get rid of that beard.)

Yes, lots of change – and we hope we’ve been doing it well enough that there hasn’t been much disruption on your end. (YOU, valued customer, are at the center of every decision we make!)

That said, we’ve recently announced another change that will be a little more noticeable: we’re naming our membership management software systems! Moving forward, the WebLink product will be called Atlas, and the MemberClicks product will be called Oasis.

“Whoa, Colleen – BACK UP. Can we get some more detail??” Of course, let me explain…

A little history

When we were a younger company, it made total sense to refer to our one product offering as “MemberClicks” – but, when MemberClicks acquired WebLink (another membership management software provider) back in 2017 we were confronted with a confusing issue…

Before the acquisition, both companies’ products were named after the company itself. MemberClicks, the company, had a system called MemberClicks; WebLink, the company, had a system called WebLink.

And after? MemberClicks, the company, had two systems…one called MemberClicks, and one called WebLink.

(I know, my head was spinning, too!)

We knew we had to make a change

For the last year and a half or so, it’s been pretty difficult to be clear when talking with customers (and each other!) about “MemberClicks.” When someone said they were “using MemberClicks” what exactly were they referring to? The product? The company?? It’s been hard to tell.

Now that we are settled in as one big happy family, we want to clarify our product offerings and celebrate how our unique solutions serve the association and chamber worlds. Renaming the two flagship membership management products is an important step in that process!

So, what will change for you?

Literally just the name of your product. That’s it! Features, functionality, your login, your support – everything else stays the same.

We know it must feel like a big change. You’re so used to saying you use “MemberClicks” or “WebLink” – don’t worry, we’re still getting used to the new names, too! But the important thing is your actual workflows and day-to-day won’t change in the slightest. The only difference you’ll start noticing will be the new names replacing the old ones in a few places, like our website and the Help Centers.

That all said, allow us to re-introduce ourselves!

Here’s what you’ll start to see popping up in reference to each product:

    atlas-by-mc                            oasis-by-mc

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to comment below! Or, you can always reach the Help team through your product’s online Help Center:

Atlas (formerly WebLink!) users, click here.

Oasis (formerly MemberClicks!) users, click here.