In order to continue empowering member-based organizations to thrive through refreshing technology and a heart for service (MemberClicks’ mission!), we take a very methodical approach to how we develop each of our membership solutions.

Did you know that you can submit feedback directly through your MemberClicks product? That’s where it all begins. If you’ve ever submitted a suggestion and are wondering what happens next (or haven’t but are now wondering), this behind-the-scenes peek is for you!

Here are the six steps our Product team goes through to uncover needs, and prioritize features and enhancements:

1. Research
We start by collecting and reviewing feedback from various audiences — primarily you, our customers! We review ALL written feedback and stay in constant communication with our Onboarding, Help, and Sales teams to better understand the problems our clients are facing.

2. Validation
Once we’ve identified a significant and persistent problem or request across our client base, we then reach out to validate and expand our understanding of that problem. The goal is to ensure we capture the “why,” or root problem, our users are facing, so that our solutions-oriented team members (i.e. engineers) are prepared to find ways to alleviate our clients’ pain points.

Oftentimes, we also create mockups with our User Experience (UX)/Design team and review those one-on-one with clients to further validate our understanding of the problem(s) causing users discomfort.

3. Prioritize
We use the feedback gathered in the Research and Validation stages to carefully inform our decisions about what problems are most urgent for us to solve. This is the culmination of all of our work to ensure we are making the correct decisions with the MOST impact for our users.

4. Develop
Once pain points and problems have been identified and prioritized, we then let our development engineers do the solving! We present all relevant information through our clients’ eyes so our developers can then solve those problems in refreshing and practical ways from YOUR point of view. We rely heavily on our UX design mockups, while attempting to enable as much room for creativity in the solution from our engineers.

5. Iterate
Depending on the complexity and confidence we have in our solution, we then may release it to a small group of users in an “alpha” phase to ensure we’ve solved the problem and/or learn more about what to add next. A lot of times we catch things we didn’t know before, allowing us to enhance the solution further and deliver an overall greater impact.

6. Launch
Last but not least, we launch the feature to all of our users and equip them with the necessary training tools and information needed to understand and utilize that new feature.

Here are a few things our users have said about this process:

“Consistently and enthusiastically listens to customers & enhances their product.” – Wendy S.

“MemberClicks is always looking for ways to enhance the system. The team is responsive and patient with all of the questions we (I) ask. It would be hard to find another platform that beats what we receive from them. I love MemberClicks and the team.” – Elizabeth S.

“Top of the line customer service and consistent improvements to functionality!” – April C.

Have an idea you’d like to get in front of the Product team? We want to hear your thoughts!

Oasis users can submit feedback here.

Atlas users can submit feedback here.

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This post was originally published on July 24, 2018; updated on July 28, 2020 for added value and clarity.