MemberClicks’ mission is “to empower member-based organizations to thrive through refreshing technology and a heart for service” – which is why we seek to provide customers with as many services as we can.

Six different types of training (including MC LIVE! which has four other types of training), Customer Success services, and of course, everyone’s favorite Help team!

In fact, these angelic Clickers care so much about your service experience, they asked me to pass along a few tips! See what they had to say:

The online Help Center is a treasure trove of resources

1. Most articles have screenshots or a short video (1-5 mins) walk-through that references the specific topic in the article. (Sometimes you have to scroll down to see it.)
2. Many of the steps, instructions, and tips you see when working in your database come from Help Center articles. (In Atlas, hover over the little “?” bubbles to see them.)
3. You can easily reach our friendly and knowledgeable Support Agent staff through your product’s Help Center. Or, if you prefer to talk it out, you can always give us a call, too.

Atlas users click here or call (888) 865-8555.

Oasis users click here (make sure you’re logged into your product as an Authorized Service Administrator or ASA) or call (404) 879-2800.

It’s all in the details, details, details

4. Have your name and the name of your organization ready to go. (And also your ASA number and org ID, Oasis users!) The quicker we can identify you and your database, the quicker we can solve your problem!
5. Leading with the Who, What, Where, How, and When helps us look at your situation while you explain it, and then help you more efficiently. So if the issue is with a specific profile – start by telling us which profile. If it is an issue on a form tell us which form to look at. If there is an issue with content on your site, tell us where we can see that content.

The Why is also important. It helps us understand the outcome you’re trying to achieve.

6. If possible, try to use the terminology of your system, as some terms have different meanings in the software world vs. real world. For example, “posting” in Atlas means posting to your accounting package.

Thanks for the great insights, Morgan, Rod, Andrew, Joseph, Ray, Keenan, Jon, and Mike! And don’t forget, you can always access all of the services we offer from the For Customers section of our website:

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