There’s something about the new year that’s downright energizing. You have a clean slate ahead of you!

Which is why it’s a great time to try something you haven’t before — particularly when it comes to your membership management software. What’s one thing that you want to improve this year, or do to increase member value? We have some ideas:

1. See just how much you can automate

Automating processes can save you and your staff SO much time — or at least free up time that would’ve been spent doing tedious tasks and allow you to focus on more strategic member engagement.

You probably have a few things automated here and there (sending emails, generating invoices, etc.), but what would your day-to-day look like if you could automate a whole process from the top down? How would it impact engagement and retention? What could you use that time for instead? Try writing out one process — i.e. membership renewals — and see how far you can get. (And then do the same for more of them!)

2. Get granular with event registrations

Now, when it comes to forms of any kind, you’ll always want to strike a balance between gathering what you need to be successful and not including so many fields that people abandon the form altogether. But for your events, consider what extra value you could add for attendees by gathering a little bit more information from the start.

For example, do they have any dietary restrictions? Provide accommodating meal options. Are there any topics they’re interested in discussing? Group like-minded attendees for activities. How will they be arriving? Place fun welcomes at the airport, train station, etc. The point is, the more information you have about your attendees upfront, the more you can do for them at the event itself.

Note: Just remember to NOT require answers to these extras on your form. If they answer, great! But it’s not necessary to execute your event.

3. Dig into individual member activity

How often is someone looking into member activity, on an individual member basis? Looking at it all together can help you easily identify trends, but proactively looking into individual member’s activity can accomplish a few things too:

  • Catching unengaged members before they’re at risk of leaving the organization

  • Quantify that activity and show them just how much value they’re getting out of their dues investment

  • See what they’ve been up to and where you can celebrate or support them (for example, getting their last few continuing education credits)

Being proactive about member activity will take some time, but it’s worth it to make those individual connections with members. (And we’re willing to bet you can find a way to operationalize the process, too. One idea: make it a part of your monthly staff meetings!)

4. Use your data to boost your member referral program

Referral programs are GREAT. The decision to join (or buy a car or shop at a store — really any “purchase decision”) these days is often heavily influenced by peer reviews and feedback, so if you’re proactively working with your happy members to refer you to their colleagues, you’re on the right track!

That said, you can use the information you have about your members to get even smarter about it. For example, let’s say your organization is a chamber of commerce and your data is telling you that your happiest members generally are a part of the restaurant industry. Within that data, are there specific types of restaurants that stand out? Locations? Size? Chances are, there are other, similar, non-member restaurants waiting for a call from a colleague!

All of this data at your fingertips is like access to magic — and 2020 is the year to make it happen! In that spirit, we hope you’re considering joining us for MC LIVE! 2020 in Atlanta, coming up this April.

Between training sessions, a database analysis, one-on-one product support, and the company of your peers, you’re bound to walk away with new tactics to transform the way you serve your members. Learn more (and register!) below: