You signed on with your Association Management System to solve problems and make your life as an association executive easier: event registration, E-mail, dues renewal, billing and budgeting, and membership management should all be a lot easier. That is often enough to make it worth it, but your AMS could be a powerful catalyst for some great collaboration as well. Here’s how.

Your collaborative AMS

1)   Ask the executive

One of the best ways to happy membership is to take an active role listening to and answering members’ concerns. Why don’t you start a message board thread or a forum, closely monitored by you and the rest of the executive board, where concerns and questions can be posted and discussed? There is a chance that it could open a flood gate, but overall members will feel validated in their concerns.


2)   Committee meetings

Committees form in associations for all sorts of reasons, and your Association Management System can be a great place to gather and collaborate. You can create “Circles” for groups in the social media section and go from there! Your AMS might just be a place to drop files and meeting minutes, but either way your committees will appreciate the centralized location and convenience.


3)   SIGs weigh in

In the same vein of committees, smaller sub-sets of your membership can also form small interest groups and collaborate within your AMS. Do you have several members who all work in one place and have some discussion and advice to share? What about recent college grads or those nearing retirement? All of these smaller groups deserve to have a voice and in providing them the space to share and interact, your Association Management Software is allowing for rich, active participation that truly represents your membership.


4)   Call in the AMS provider

One final form of collaboration that doesn’t necessarily involve your membership is collaboration with your AMS provider. Software companies thrive on feedback! Errors and glitches definitely are reported through the help desk, but suggestions for additional features, feedback about the current features, and ideas for future development is accepted and appreciated! (On a related note, our place for MemberClicks users is MC Nation. Check it out!)


It’s pretty simple. Your AMS should help your association grow and thrive, and one of the best ways to grow and thrive is with open communication and collaboration!