Every small staff association pro has probably considered implementing a flexible work hours policy for themselves or their employees. It could be a great idea! You could save money on fuel, work more comfortably, and actually strike that illusive work/life balance. But it’s not always so clear cut!


Treat this list like a checklist. Whichever column has more checks, put some serious thought into whether flex hours would work for you!

You SHOULD consider flex hours if…

  • You’re always reachable anyway (but seriously you should consider putting the phone down sometimes for your own mental health!)
  • You work remotely or your staffers do
  • You have a high level of trust in your employees and vice versa
  • Your staffers and yourself have issues with work/life balance
  • You have a high burnout rate
  • You need to boost morale
  • You operate mostly over teleconference or video chat
  • Your have no complaints about your staff’s communication

Flex hours MIGHT NOT WORK if…

  • Your employees need frequent guidance
  • You need to be over your employee’s shoulders to feel secure in your leadership
  • You have unexplained lowered productivity
  • You spend a lot of money on an office space
  • Your staffers don’t have great internet connections, phone signals, or computer equipment at home
  • You have a bunch of employees to coordinate
  • Your staff has physical tasks to complete

Remember that none of these are meant to be absolute reasons why you should or shouldn’t implement a flexible work schedule, just a reason to consider it. What it comes down to, as always, is that your association is very unique. What works well for another association might not be the best fit for you. Be sure to factor in the personalities of your staff members and the needs of your board and membership. Then start the conversation! 

If you do decide to go with flexible work hours, access to an AMS system can help out a lot. But what is an AMS? Click below to download our free guide!