There are all kinds of ways to run a small staff association, and MemberClicks has seen them all. There’s a dedicated, full-time paid staff with an office, a few work-from-home full-timers, and the other end of the spectrum is a labor of love volunteer who has a full time job and a few other volunteers to help him or her out. They all have one thing in common, though: they need people to work and help out for the betterment of the association, whether they’re paid or not. Here are a few ways to make that work, whether it’s paid or volunteer, easier and happier.

Make sure your members know who’s who

So many of the frustrations of an association professional come from not having clearly defined roles within the association leadership structure. When a member has a question, he or she should know who to talk to. This can happen through a regularly updated website, AMS, and association material such as pamphlets and fliers. It’ll cut the confusion for both members and staff if questions and concerns can be answered more quickly and accurately!

Stay organized

In that same spirit, organization is key to happy staffers in almost all types of teams. When there’s a task at hand or an event coming up, be sure that duties are assigned and agreed upon. It’s probably helpful to send out a reminder email or have a follow-up phone call to help out with that clarity. 

Share the perks

Association leaders tend to run across some perks from time to time like trade show admission, discounts, and even SWAG. Share the love! If you’re so fortunate as to have scored a discount (or free!) admission to a trade show, consider if a different staffer could benefit more. Particularly if it’s an even that you’ve attended for multiple years in a  row. Remember that younger staffers of the millennial generation who are so quick to move on LOVE perks like this, and a little travel can be a huge incentive to stick around longer. 

General office wellness

If you have a traditional office, there are a lot of things you can do in the environment itself to lift up and energize employees. Music is good (as long as it’s agreed upon) and open doors and a generally welcoming environment goes a long way as well. Personal touches like occasional lunches out or trips outside the office go a long way as well.

Be collaborative

Nothing really speaks to being valued like a listening ear and an open door. Encourage your staffers and volunteers to come to you with their ideas, then have a genuine conversation about them. Allow staffers (and members, for that matter) to feel heard and acknowledged. They’ll feel valued, and that can make a huge difference!

Happy staffs work hard and make a big difference to your members. If you’re looking on ways to stay organized, why not look into an AMS? It can save time, energy, and sanity for you and your staff members. Click below to read all about Association Management Systems!