Soft Skills Training

A major benefit of your organization is likely professional development: providing your members with educational opportunities to help them stay sharp and ahead of the curve.

Now for many organizations, a majority of those educational offerings center around hard skills, which typically require unique training (such as computer programming). Teaching those hard skills (and best practices related to those hard skills) is CRITICAL and a big reason why people join your organization.

But just as important – yet often overlooked – is soft skills training. Soft skills are a bit more subjective and rather difficult to quantify, but examples include:

  • Communication
  • Time management
  • Teamwork/collaboration
  • Leadership
  • Organization
  • Conflict resolution

Think of your existing educational program. Do you offer a mix of both hard skills and soft skills training? (Note: A majority of your programming will probably center around hard skills, and that’s completely fine! We’re just suggesting having a few soft skills courses thrown in there.)

Since soft skills can sometimes be a bit more difficult to teach, what would programming around that look like at your organization? Well for starters, you could have someone who specializes in team building come in and host an educational breakout session at your annual meeting. (They could actually conduct a team-building activity onsite!) Or, it could be as simple as them hosting a webinar. The point is to just help your members learn and improve professionally, because like hard skills, soft skills are critical for workplace success.

Feel free to use the resources within your organization as well. Would one of the leadership executives at your organization be willing to host a webinar, sharing their personal experience and “lessons learned” leading people and teams? We did something similar here at MemberClicks. We had a few “Clickers” (which is what we call MemberClicks employees) share their best tips (and yes, lessons learned) regarding public speaking with the rest of the company. It was incredibly informal (see pic below), but also incredibly valuable. We can all learn from each other!

MemberClicks' Level Up

Going back to your existing educational program, how’s that looking? Are you pleased with where it’s at and how your members are using it? Do you feel like there’s room for improvement?

Hopefully, online initiatives are a part of your learning program. If they’re not, or if you feel like structure/usage is lacking, check out our free guide, 3 Simple Steps to Starting an Online Learning Program below. (It’s actually a lot easier than you may think!)