According to a recent report from the Media Insight Project (MIP), a majority of Millennials get their news from social networks, rather than visiting news sites or reading traditional newspapers.

This information stems from a survey of 1,046 Millennials around the country and gives insight into how Millennials prefer to be reached. 

Upon research, MIP found that:

  • The average Millennial gets 74% of his or her news from online sources. 
  • 47% of Millennials who use Facebook say that getting news is a main motivation for visiting. 
  • On average, Millennials get news from more than three social media platforms, including YouTube (83%), Instagram (50%), and places of active involvement, such as Reddit. 
  • 45% of Millennials regularly follow five or more “hard news” topics on social media (i.e. politics, crime, local community news, etc.)

So what does this mean for associations that rely so heavily on newsletters and other publications for news dissemination? Well, it just means they should branch out and experiment with other channels, such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

That being said, associations shouldn’t post news just to post. Social media engagement is all about meeting members where they already are. If you find that most of your members are on Twitter, meet them there! Create a hashtag for your association’s news and encourage members to tweet as well. If you find that most of your members are on Facebook, start a group! There’s no rule for what social media outlets you have to use, so do what makes sense for your organization.

To read the full MIP report, click here. For more tips on engaging your members, download our free guide below!