Today, we’re thrilled to share with you an exciting new chapter in the MemberClicks story. And you want to know what’s cool? This story is being written specifically for you!  

Over the last three years, we’ve been heads down taking all of the feedback and lessons learned over our 15-year history and incorporating them into a completely revamped product.

That’s right. A brand. new. product.

You see, over the years [like many AMS platforms] we’ve built new features into our existing MemberClicks Classic platform. But during that timeframe, technology began to change and we had the ability to adopt many new tools. We could’ve simply touched up our product’s look and feel and continued to add features, but we felt that would’ve shortchanged our customers and the marketplace in the long run.

That’s why today, we’re beyond excited to introduce to you a brand new platform that’s been written from the ground up. Think about a start-up technology company equipped with all of the market intelligence and real customer experience needed to be successful in launching today. That’s where MemberClicks finds itself. In this product, we didn’t just add or fine tune features. We went back to the drawing board completely and leveraged several of the new technologies available today to deliver a product that’s faster, more intuitive, and more focused.

Simply put, we think we’ve created an association management system that just makes sense.

The re-engineering of MemberClicks has been a large-scale project that’s required a lot of time, effort, and investment. But I can honestly say it’s been worth it.   

In the evolving world of trying to deliver a technology tool that is everything to everybody, MemberClicks will simply focus on delivering an AMS that actually works for the customer. We know what we do best. As the association community continues to evolve, the need for a simple but powerful technology tool to manage the everyday administration of an association will only grow. MemberClicks will be the solution to that problem.

The great news is that as we continue to grow our new product, we will actually deliver features that truly equip our customers to drive applicable member value through technology. Refreshing idea, right? 

All of us at MemberClicks are truly excited about this next step. Moreover, we want to share our excitement with you. If you would like to learn more about the new MemberClicks simply click here to engage with one of our Solution Advisors

Onward and Upward!