Did you hear the news? MemberClicks recently extended its partnership with Payscape, our preferred payment processor!

As part of this partnership extension, we’ve introduced the Payscape Affiliate Partner Program. This is a revenue-share agreement designed to help you generate thousands in non-dues revenue a year while providing financial technology benefits to your members. All you have to do is sign on and – quite literally – sit back, relax, and watch the revenue roll in. (I know, we were shocked as well.)

And don’t worry – if you already work with a payment processor you love, you don’t have to switch in order to join the program!

Interested? Check out these details:

Why financial technology?

Being able to deliver financial services online is becoming more and more important, no matter your industry. From a local restaurant accepting online orders to a plumber being able to accept instant payment in person, consumers are starting to want – even expect – that level of convenience. Your members and the businesses they run NEED to start considering these types of services in order to keep up.

You may have noticed different financial technology, or “FinTech,” solutions entering the scene and becoming more popular for conducting business. Well, Payscape offers them. And they want to help your members, while allowing you to reap some of the reward.

What FinTech solutions can I offer my members through the program?

Though a partnership with Payscape, your members will have access to a number of solutions. A few popular ones are:

  • Mobile Payments: An on-the-go processing solution that members can use to accept payments whenever, wherever. All they need is an iPhone or Android device!
  • Online Store: Members can improve the their ability to generate revenue by selling products, offering services, or accepting donations – all online.
  • A Point-of-Sale (POS) System: Help members track & adjust sales, reconcile cash, pull reports, manage staff and inventory – all with the convenience of tablet-based options.

What is Payscape trying to do here?

With every partnership, Payscape attempts to accomplish three goals:

  • Provide chambers and associations with access to financial technology products and services that its members can use at discounted pricing.
  • Assist with new member growth retention activity through education & savings.
  • Create a non-dues revenue stream of income for the organization.

When all is said and done, they want to spread the financial technology love and help businesses grow in this modern age!

How does it benefit me? You mentioned thousands in non-dues revenue…

First of all, the partnership is completely free to you. And, because it’s a revenue-share agreement, you’ll see a portion of the revenue from each member that begins using one of Payscape’s financial technology solutions! Depending on how many members that is, that could add up – fast!

What do I have to do?

Simply sign up with Payscape, and then let them take the wheel! You don’t have to dedicate any of your marketing efforts to the program: Payscape does the heavy lifting. Based on a number of different types of collateral, they will put together a comprehensive campaign and communicate the opportunity to your members on your behalf.

As a bonus, Payscape is offering to cover the cost of two MC LIVE! registrations for every MemberClicks customer that signs on with the program over the next month!

It’s seriously that easy. What do you have to lose? Visit this page to learn more and request additional information!