Association management changes. Association Management Systems change too, or at least they should to keep up with routine growth and fixes in the software.

All of that changing requires that in addition to your initial training and implementation process, your AMS provider will need to offer regular training videos, sessions, webinars and personalized experiences. There are several reasons for this. 1) So that you can be sure you’re getting your money’s worth out of your membership software and using ALL of the features, 2) So that you can utilize new features as they are rolled out 3) So that normal turnover in leadership can be well informed and prepared to lead members through everyday use of the software and 4) So that there is a clear, open communication between the customer and the provider. After all, like any relationship, an association/AMS relationship can’t grow and thrive without open communication and give and take!

Does your AMS keep you "trained up?"

Here are some ways your Association Management Software provider can keep you trained up so that your AMS works for you:

1)   Training Videos

Not everyone has time to sit through constant trainings, but training videos can quickly answer FAQs until you have time to have a direct, open dialog with your AMS provider.

2)   Training Webinars

If you need a more engaging, interactive experience and have a little more time to commit, training webinars might be the way to go. These will often focus on one or two features of the AMS, either new releases or commonly under-utilized resources.

3)   Training people (like our Implementation and Maximization team)

Usually in order to feel the most thorough in your familiarity and utilization of your AMS it’s the best idea to speak to an actual, live person. Webinars can sometimes do the trick, but sometimes you need some screen sharing, one-on-one time.

4)   Discussion forums

Sometimes the best people to consult are fellow users of the software. AMS providers usually have forums or message boards where users can interact with the provider and each other to discuss issues or questions.

5)   Trained, experienced help staff

Many times an Association Management System works best when it just fades into the background and solves problems just by working correctly. And try as they might to make the experience flawless, AMS providers often have to fix bugs and improve functionality.  That’s where a well-qualified help staff comes in handy.

Your association is growing and changing, and your AMS should be too. Regular training and help can be the difference between an association management system that just work and an AMS that works for YOU.