We have a handy presentation to share today via the marketing group at Constant Contact. Your organization may already be well-versed in everything Facebook but the SlideShare below has some compelling components that are useful to build awareness for your group’s mission.

Some of my favorite slides:

1. Show off what you’re doing. My friend works for the Salvation Army and helps with the Angel Tree Program—which allows for thousands of less fortunate children to receive gifts and necessities during the holidays. I heard all about it but it wasn’t until I saw all of the employees, volunteers, and the massive warehouse that stores all the toys for the kids that I was able to wrap my head around what a huge, important undertaking it was for the Salvation Army. Cliché but true – a picture is worth thousand words! So keep snapping photos of what you’re doing throughout your event.

2. Share testimonials. Share positive feedback so your fans can see the impact that is being made on the community.


(I must confess, I’m a HUGE Corgi fan so I had to include this picture from the presentation)

3. Toot your own horn. By sharing your accolades, you increase engagement with your online community.

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