Today is picture day at MemberClicks! And that got me thinking: pictures really do bind people together. Do you remember back a million years ago (okay… maybe ten years ago) when you snapped a roll of film, dropped it off at the pharmacy, then an hour later excitedly flip through the glossies, laughing at pictures, cherishing some of them, and discreetly tossing a few in the garbage (don’t you hate those bad angles?)

Photos and your AMS

Today, things aren’t that different, except there’s no physical photos to hold on to, and instead of one rush of happiness when you get back those 24 prints you get little jolts every time someone updates their Instagram or Facebook and tag you.

And then there’s the endless multiple-photo-taking procedure of any kind of digital format. Click, flash, huddle, disapproval, and repeat. You know what I mean. Red-eye and double chins are a thing of the past.

But outside of your personal social media, what’s the best way to distribute your photos to your association?

Three words: Association Management System.

You should be able to upload, tag, and share photos with your AMS the same way that you would on any other social media platform, with the added bonus of keeping in all internal. So if some bad lighting or a double chin does make it into a photo, it won’t be shared to your members’ 600 friends if they don’t want it to be shared.

You’ll see the fruits of our picture day soon. We’ll post our company pictures here, and you’ll see updated headshots of our sales, implementation, and maximization team, as well as yours truly.

While you’re waiting anxiously for our photos, why not try uploading some to your AMS? It’ll add some depth and currency to your Association Management Software, and give your members a great reason and chance to engage. Remember that everyone loves seeing pictures of themselves!