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Essential Medical Association Software That Grows Your Organization

Andrea Amorosi September 20, 2023
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Medical associations play a large role in advancing and changing the landscape for medical professionals, including influencing health reforms, ethics, and curriculum. Now, members are looking for medical associations that can support their needs and career growth, whether that be through certifications and training or collaboration and networking.

To meet these expectations, anticipate association challenges, and grow your membership, your medical association needs the right software and technology. Not sure where to start? Here are the features, tools, and solutions to look out for to modernize your organization.

  • What is a Medical Association?
  • What is a Professional Medical Association?
  • What is a Trade of Business Medical Association?
  • How the Right Technology Benefits Your Medical Association
  • Features to Look for in Your AMS
  • Must-Have Solutions to Boost Your Membership
  • Flexible and Customizable Solutions That Support Your Association’s Needs
  • Medical Association Software That Understands Your Organization

What is a Medical Association?

A medical association is focused on furthering and protecting the interests of its members, like helping them with career growth and keeping them up-to-date with industry trends. Medical associations are also responsible for promoting medical standards and ethics, medical education, and practice. 

There are two types of medical associations: professional and trade. Some associations can be both a professional and trade association, such as the British Medical Association. The largest medical association in the US is the American Medical Association.

What is a Professional Medical Association (PMA)?

Professional medical associations play a significant role in health reforms and their role is differentiated by their location and the health care system its members work in. Professional associations are responsible for education standards, exams, training, and certifications. Their role is inclusive of licensing, ethics, regulations, conferences, industry standards, and advocacy.

Examples of professional medical associations include:

What is a Trade or Business Medical Association?

A trade medical association or business medical association represents a specific industry group, business sector or business type within the medical field. They are focused on promoting collaboration among companies. Medical trade associations are also active in advertising, education, lobbying, publishing, and gaining political donations.

Examples of trade or business medical associations include:

How the Right Technology Benefits Your Medical Association

The right technology and software can help your medical association overcome the top challenges and obstacles facing organizations today. Utilizing effective medical association software and technology benefits your organization by enabling:

  1. Automation 

By simplifying and streamlining your processes, your software gives you and your staff the time and energy back to invest in your association’s mission and improve your member engagement and member experience

How the right medical association software does it: Automating tasks like renewal/dues reminders and member emails, adding efficiency to your day-to-day.

  1. Event Modernization Built for Growth

Event management features in medical association software modernize your events so you’re meeting attendee expectations. This gives you the infrastructure you need to create experiences that boost your revenue, retention, and engagement. 

How the right medical association software does it: Giving you access to digital check-in, digital badges, an event app, a digital platform, and more so your event management is streamlined in one place.

  1. Personalized Member Engagement and Member Marketing

The right membership management software prioritizes personalization with member communication, which boosts engagement, recruitment, and your reach. It even helps you gain sponsors and donors; a large, engaged and enthusiastic member base speaks well of your association and drives people to invest.

How the right medical association software does it: Improves your member marketing and member engagement campaigns by elevating your association marketing strategy. Allows you to segment email lists by member type and launch personalized campaigns to engage members.

  1. Data Analytics and Reporting for Better Member Retention

Get crucial data about your members every step of the way with medical association software that lets you pinpoint areas of improvement in your member experience. 

How the right medical association software does it: Insightful data analytics and reporting with features that integrate member feedback and post-event surveys into processes so you can elevate your organization in the ways that matter most.

  1. Training and Certification

According to a recent survey of Executive Directors and CEOs of professional and trade associations, education and certification opportunities are a large part of what makes members stay or go. With effective software, get access to e-learning that wows your members, covering top-of-mind training and certification courses. 

How the right medical association software does it: A learning management software with strategic personalization that includes video, quizzes, gamification, and more to boost member engagement and drive retention.

  1. Sources of Non-Dues Revenue

Get diversified revenue streams, improve your financial stability, and enhance your organization’s program offerings, all while attracting new members and retaining existing ones.

How the right medical association software does it: With features that support and facilitate e-commerce, fundraising, events, corporate giving, sponsorships, donor campaigns and major gifts, so you’re getting the revenue impact you’re looking for.

  1. Cloud-based technology solutions

Rest easy with added security, and improved accessibility and efficiency, so your organization functions effectively, whether that be in-person or remote. 

How the right medical association software does it: Secure, cloud-based solutions that protect your member data, whether that be during online payment processing and transactions, at events, or beyond.

  1. Seamless integration 

No need to retrain staff or shift your existing technology with software that can integrate seamlessly with your association toolkit and keep your data easily accessible, so you can increase membership and revenue.

How the right medical association software does it: Third party integrations that keeps your data secure and lets you get a full picture to make decisions.

  1. Financial sustainability  

Robust medical association software and technology prepares your medical association for future changes as part of a financially sound foundation that’s oriented towards success.

How the right medical association software does it: Through comprehensive member management solutions for every aspect of your medical association with all-in-one software that maximizes your return on investment and grows with your organization.

Features to Look For in Your AMS

When it comes to finding the right medical association software for your medical association look for features such as:

Member Renewals and Tracking

Add membership dues payment functionality to your website, one-click member renewals, and automated payment reminders for renewals and lapsed members, so your internal processes are simplified and optimized for effectiveness. 

Website Builder and CMS 

Create member portals, exclusive member content, directories, and job portals that engage your members and retain them.

Email Marketing

Dues reminders, member communications, welcome emails, and more. Send personalized, automated outreach that engages your members and integrates seamlessly with your CRM. 

Data Analytics and Reporting

Get insight on your member engagement and experience with comprehensive data and reporting, so understanding what your members love and where you can improve is easy. 

Financial Management

Alleviate time and stress for you and your staff and improve your member experience with PCI-compliant payment processing, financial reports, automated invoices, and more.

Event Management

Event dashboards that give you insight on attendees and your event experience. Access features like online registration, email automation, promo codes, membership sign ups and more.  


Expand your offerings with a customizable online store that maximizes your non-dues revenue and improves your member experience with merchandise and industry-specific manuals that delight your members.

In-House Support and Services

Get your questions answered, every step of the way. From onboarding to training and implementation, get reliable support and service for your medical association software needs.  

Scalability and Flexibility

Features that can handle volume, growth, and acceleration. Get everything you need in one place with end-to-end medical association software that understands you and your members.

Must-Have Solutions to Boost Your Membership

Your medical association has unique needs and offerings. Create meaningful engagement and make your organization stand out with these essential solutions that grow your membership.

  1. LMS

As mentioned, education, training, and certifications are a large draw for members of medical associations. An LMS improves your medical association’s education and professional certification opportunities. It also:

  • Adds member value. Career development via training, education, and best practices keeps your members ahead of the curve in their medical industry sector. 
  • Boosts engagement with course customization. Create training and courses that include industry trends your members care about.

Facilitates gamification and flexible course creation. Cater your learning to your members with flexible customization and features like course pathways, progress reporting, quizzes and more.

  1. Online Community

Give your members an exclusive hub to collaborate and connect and get the professional and personal support they’re looking for. Build relationships and retain existing members while increasing member engagement through features that improve your member onboarding and experience via:

  • Networking and mentorship. Facilitate learning and partnerships with custom sub-groups and connect individuals within the same locale or healthcare sector and between different medical expertise. 
  • Get insightful data on community engagement. Release feedback surveys and get actionable learnings on your members.
  1. Event Management

Take events to the next level and attract new members while retaining existing ones. Show your medical association’s value and grow your member base by increasing membership renewals and attracting new members.  

  • Event app and modern digitization. Improve your attendee experience with features that help you stand out, including an easy-to-use event app, digitized badges, polls and more. 
  • Run surveys and get real-time data. Get information about possible obstacles to avoid, as well as feedback data about how to elevate your member experience at your next event.

Flexible and Customizable Solutions That Support Your Association’s Needs

Take your medical association to the next level with Personify’s suite of software solutions tailored to support your organization: 

MC Professional
For growing professional medical associations. Save time, grow relationships, and earn revenue with solutions that bring your mission to life. Streamline your tasks and processes with features like:

  • Customizable forms and templates
  • Built-in membership tools
  • Actionable and trustworthy reporting 
  • Comprehensive member data management

MC Professional is your all-in-one association management software for building better member relationships and maximizing your revenue. Request a demo.

MC Trade

For larger trade medical associations. Simplify admin tasks with flexible features that help you track your members, optimize revenue streams and boost member retention. Improve your efficiency with complex tools such as:

  • Streamlined membership management
  • Easy e-commerce management
  • Real-time dashboards and up-to-date reporting
  • Seamless financial integration and insightful reporting

Get access to all the data you need with 3rd party integrations, and grow your memberships and revenue. Request a demo.


An AMS built with medical associations in mind. A robust and flexible AMS system that’s customizable to your medical association’s unique needs and allows you to:

  • Manage member flexibly and holistically
  • Create, introduce, and grow multiple revenue streams
  • Boost profits and expand your reach
  • Get important data and reporting to maximize impact

Get actionable insights and data that elevates your organization’s activities, so you can better advance your mission. Request a demo.

Medical Association Software That Understands Your Organization

Your medical association software plays a vital role in helping your organization anticipate obstacles and leverage opportunities to boost membership and advance your mission.

With the right end-to-end medical association management software, you get access to tools and features that modernize your organization, boost revenue, facilitate innovation, and enable a better member experience. Ultimately, the right software offers flexibility and customization so you can invest in the areas that matter the most to your organization, and deliver the results you want.

Interested in learning more about what Memberclicks has to offer your medical association? Let our team match you with the tools that speak to your unique mission. Get in touch.

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