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Authentically Social: Putting Connection at the Core of Your Digital Strategy

mission: possible by Personify

Part of the Mission: Possible thought leadership webinar series for the mission-minded. As our industry continues to navigate a complex and ever-changing world of virtual, in-person and hybrid events, it’s critical that we are candid and transparent in our digital communication. In this thought-provoking presentation, Corey challenges the status-quo of posting ‘just to get something out there’ and, instead, talks about building a content plan around connection, community and collaboration. Creating a more Authentically Social digital strategy will help build trust, credibility and loyalty with members for years to come.

Are you ready to become Authentically Social?

Download the webinar recording to learn to:
  • Prioritize the platforms that make sense for your association
  • Create the narrative for your authentic digital story
  • Determine your delivery to develop real connection with your members
  • Best practices to get stronger engagement and ultimately stronger attendance