With Black Friday and Cyber Monday now in the rearview mirror, you might be starting to feel a little pressure when it comes to your holiday shopping. But not to worry. We’ve put together the ULTIMATE holiday gift guide for association pros. Take a look!

For your coworkers…

  • A 2016 calendar – With 2016 right around the corner, everyone needs a new calendar to stay up-to-date and organized. Plus, there are so many fun ones out there! This “Travel the World” calendar from Rifle Paper Co. is a personal favorite.
  • An upscale notepad or some sweet stationery – Hey, we’ve all got to take notes! Why not help your coworkers out by giving them some funky stationery? After all, how else are they going to write down all of those genius ideas?
  • A Spotify or Pandora subscription – If you have any music lovers on your team, why not go outside the box and get them a subscription to Spotify or Pandora? This is a fun and easy way to help your coworkers power through their daily tasks.
  • A few stemless wine glasses – Because hey, we could all use a little drink every now and then. You can even have your glasses monogrammed for an added personal touch.

For your volunteers…

  • A personalized leather journal – When it comes to your volunteers, a personalized gift is what’s going to mean the most. Why not get them a nice leather journal and have their name engraved on it? You can even add your organization’s logo if it’s not too expensive.
  • A photo album – Another good option is to give your volunteers a small photo album with pictures of them serving throughout the year. You can even include tickets or flyers from big events you may have had.
  • A relaxing neck and shoulder massage – If it’s not too expensive, try arranging for a masseuse to come in to your next meeting and treating your volunteers to a relaxing neck and shoulder massage. The gift of relaxation is one that EVERYBODY loves.
  • A few homemade baked goods – Last but not least, why not treat your volunteers to a sweet holiday surprise? Have your staff members bring in baked goods and either lay them out in potluck style or wrap them up in individual packages. Either way, they’re bound to get eaten!

Happy shopping!