Your members are your most valuable asset. Not only are their dues a primary source of revenue for you, but they’re the ones who bring the life, the drive, and the mission to your association.

That said, it’s no wonder member retention is a top priority at your organization. If you’re looking to get those renewal rates up, check out these four strategies for solid member retention:

1. Emphasize value

Members renew based on the perceived value of your organization. Keep in mind, however, that value isn’t a “one size fits all” type of offering. What one member finds valuable might be meaningless to another.

If you’re at a loss for ideas, consider offering members-only content on your association’s website. It’s a great way to encourage prospective members to sign up, and more importantly, convince current members to renew. You can also provide value by offering exclusive networking opportunities or tackling legislative issues that are important to your members.

If you aren’t sure what your members want from your organization, ask! Survey your membership with questions about their interests and goals. We guarantee you they’ll be happy to share.

2. Segment your membership

Tailoring your association’s offerings to match your members’ needs is a no-brainer, but what about appealing to even smaller groups within your organization? For example, if you happen to notice a lot of recent grads in your association, why not offer a young professionals workshop or mixer? Or if you start noticing different special interest groups, why not organize segmented meetings? You could even create specialized email lists and social communities for those smaller groups using an association management system.

Remember, the point here is not just to segment your membership, but to make your members feel like their experience within your organization is tailored to their needs and preferences.

3. Review analytics

One of the best ways to ensure member retention is to continue doing what already works. Are people coming to your association’s website? Are any of your web pages generating more renewals than others? If so, consider why that might be. Maybe it’s the content on those pages or a particular call-to-action. Whatever it is, consider duplicating it on other pages to maximize membership renewals.

In addition to your website, pay close attention to other analytics as well. For example, are people opening your emails? Are they even receiving your emails? Asking members to renew via email is pointless if they aren’t getting your emails to begin with. It’s these types of insights can be invaluable for your association.

4. Survey former members

Despite even the best renewal strategies, there will always be members that choose not to renew. When a member decides to leave your organization, send them a short survey to find out why they left, what offerings they liked, and what areas of your organization could be improved upon. Take time to read through these responses and then use them to better your organization’s offerings and retention rates over time.

Want more tips for boosting membership retention rates? Check out our free Member Retention Guide below!