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Best QuickBooks Membership Management Integrations

MemberClicks Avatar MemberClicks June 24, 2021
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Running a successful membership association comes with a lot of rewards. It’s undoubtedly hard work to manage staff and volunteers, plan fundraising events, and advocate for your association and your members to the public. But watching your association’s mission and members gain exposure and support makes it all worth it. 

But the one task of running an association, chamber of commerce, or nonprofit that is often hard to get excited about — even though it is imperative — is accounting and financial planning. 

Between member dues, donations, vendor payments, payroll, and taxes, it’s a lot to manage. And some nonprofits and associations do a lot of this work manually!

This is where the magic of QuickBooks comes in. If you’re unfamiliar with QuickBooks, the biggest thing to know is that it’s accounting software that businesses use to manage income and expenses and keep track of the financial health of their business. 

Why do membership organizations use QuickBooks?

The most significant appeal of a software program like QuickBooks is the simplification it brings to nonprofits, associations, and other membership organizations of all sizes. 

By providing a centralized location to house all of your expenses, dues, and other financial information, your organization can stay updated on your financial status and provide reliable data that reveals areas of financial opportunity and challenge. 

These are a few of the top benefits QuickBooks offers membership organizations:

  • Saves time: By offering a single point of entry for all of your revenue, you save time by avoiding going between different systems or excel sheets.
  • Improves data accuracy: Speaking of moving between different accounting sheets or programs, having a centralized location removes the margin of error that naturally happens when data is stored in various places. 
  • Provides access to better financial and membership data: It’s not uncommon for different people to have a hand in managing other parts of an organization’s finances, especially for small teams. Having one place where all of your finances are stored means everyone has the most up-to-date information. 

7 Best QuickBooks Membership Management Integrations

1. MemberClicks

MemberClicks home page displaying informative blurb, header menu, and "Request a Demo" button.

MemberClicks is member management software known for offering an all-in-one solution for managing organizations’ tasks, boosting member engagement, and generating revenue. It’s cloud-based, and it provides solutions for nonprofits, chambers of commerce, and associates of all sizes and business goals. 

When it comes to integrating with Quickbooks, few membership management software systems are as committed to helping their members understand how to integrate Quickbooks with MemberClicks’s payment processor, Payroc. This can be seen in MermberClicks’s clear web pages that break down how the partnership works and in its video and article tutorials that describe the steps to easy integration. 

One of the best parts of the QuickBook and MemberClick integration? You can export your financial information into a file that allows all of your data to be easily imported into QuickBooks. So say “goodbye” to the manual work.

2. Wild Apricot 

Wild Apricot homepage displaying informative blurb, an illustration of a person using the software, and a free trial button.

Wild Apricot is membership management software much-loved by small organizations. Like MemberClicks, it’s a powerful cloud software that puts its customers first and is known for building well-designed, compelling association and nonprofit websites. 

Like MemberClicks, Wild Apricot offers a way to export your financial data into QuickBooks. They have instructions that use screenshots and lists to help make the integration seamless as possible.

3. Neon CRM

Home page for neon crm

Neon CRM, now rebranded as Neon One, is a constituent relationship management system that helps nonprofits manage all aspects of their organizations, from donor management to fundraising to events. It emphasizes its robust reporting capabilities and its ability to grow with its organizations. 

Neon CRM put together a straight–forward web page that breaks down the benefits of their QuickBooks integration and highlights its customers’ success using both systems. They also offer easy sync with QuickBooks.

4. SilkStart

SilkStart homepage, with an email free trial signup and informative blurb against a background of a person using Silkstart on their laptop.

SilkStart is association management software that specializes in multi-chapter management and growth. Its biggest values are its ease-of-use, its support, and offering multiple services all in one place.

Automated and intuitive online payments and invoicing are features it provides to its customers, eliminating the need for lots of paperwork and providing clear audit trails between chapters. They also encourage easy exports to QuickBooks for financial reconciliation.

5. NoviAMS

NoviAMS homepage, displaying Quickbooks integration and "Schedule A Call" button.

NoviAMS is association management software that has a unique distinction of being built for associations by associations. That’s right. It’s a peer-built system with customizable features and pricing. And Novi loves QuickBooks. 

Its love of QuickBooks means that you can expect helpful instructional videos and digital roadmaps that make the integration with QuickBooks and, precisely, QuickBooks Online, easy to follow. They even put together articles that explain why QuickBooks Online is better to use than the traditional QuickBooks Desktop.

6. Join It

Join It homepage, with informative blurb and a sign up menu next to an image of a membership management interface.

Join It is all about agility and flexibility since it’s a membership management system specializing in helping organizations scale and grow. This means that it offers simple, straightforward tools and solutions for organizations that are starting out. Still, they also provide flexible add-ons and packages that will suit organizations as they evolve. 

Like Novi, Join It is a massive advocate for QuickBooks Online. Its integration web page includes numerous reviews proving why membership management for QuickBooks works so well for small and large organizations.

7. MemberLeap

MemberLeap homepage, showing clear breakdown of functionality and a picture of smiling association members applauding a presentation.

MemberLeap is association management software with a no-fuss, direct website that offers an all-in-one solution to its users. Probably the most impressive feature about MemberLeap, whether it’s talking about its many solutions or its QuickBooks integration, is its transparency when it comes to pricing. 

Its QuickBooks integration web page clearly states the initial setup costs and ongoing support fees. 

Which QuickBooks membership management integration is right for you?

More than anything else, a good membership management integration with QuickBooks should give you peace of mind. Your data should be syncing and updating correctly, so you and your staff can focus on the fun, essential elements of running your membership organization.

As you can see, there are plenty of options for your dream QuickBrooks membership management integration, so you have to choose which association management system works best for you and your accounting needs. 

No matter what your priorities are, association management software and the integration with QuickBooks should make your life easier through things like automation, clear guidance on exporting and importing your data, and plenty of support. 

Have questions about QuickBooks, MemberClicks, and integrations? We love talking about all of those things, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.

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