Happy holidays from all of us at MemberClicks! This time of year is hectic with gatherings of family and friends, travels for many of us, and finishing everything we intended to get done in 2019. Along with the hustle, December brings a time of reflection on the past year.

Knowing that our to-do lists are never longer than they are right now, I wanted to take a step back and make room to share some words of appreciation for our community. With that said:

Thank you – we’ve been humbled by the number of organizations choosing to trust us as their technology provider, the reception of several new products, and the continued partnerships we’ve enjoyed as we create the next generation non-profit technology platform together.

At MemberClicks, 2019 was a year dedicated to doubling down on our vision of a refreshing technology experience by investing in more, better tools to enable success. We’ve focused on the administrative tools that help you work faster and smarter when managing members, paired with an emphasis on the strategic importance of events.

With updates to the Oasis AMS rolling out several times a week, it’s hard to capture them all in a blog post. Here are a few of the ones about which we’ve received the most positive feedback:

  • New Database view and overhauled searching: Faster, more robust database searching, giving you access to the data you need at unparalleled speed.

  • Incomplete submission tracking and marketing, allowing you to see and engage people who have started a membership or registration form and encourage them to complete it.

  • Submission dashboards to visualize membership and registration submission data at a summary level, and easily drill into the details. 

  • Expanded automation for more advanced dues calculations for all member type structures.

  • Continuing Education (CE) Tracking gives administrators the ability to track CE credits earned through live events, courses and online learning while also creating a self-service option for members to retrieve their own transcripts.

  • Manual batch renewal invoicing: For organizations who prefer to be more hands-on during their renewal cycles, we added the ability to manually batch process renewal invoices, giving you back countless hours of processing time.

  • Updated user interfaces throughout much of the product, highlighted by an overhauled attribute security experience interface, designed to save you time and effort.

When it comes to the Atlas AMS, one of the most visible changes over the past year is that we retired the WebLink brand and introduced the Atlas one. While this change was somewhat cosmetic, it served a greater purpose of symbolizing our commitment to unlocking the power of data within an approachable, flexible experience. Here are a few updates that serve as milestones in our march towards that goal:

  • The new online join form cuts administrative overhead by empowering staff to manage their own membership forms and automating new member workflows.

  • There’s a new advanced dues calculation interface, giving more visibility and control over how dues are calculated.

  • The reimagined administrative dashboard is a total overhaul of the legacy dashboard, redesigned to show you the data you most need to see regularly.

  • New design controls allow you to better represent your brand on event registration pages. 

  • ePly onsite event management and registration features are tightly integrated with the Atlas database, giving you more options to support larger, more complicated events for registration flows or the onsite experience, or both.

We firmly believe that the right AMS is the foundation of a refreshing technology experience, and we also recognize that organizations need additional technology to further their missions. In 2019 we introduced two significant new product lines to the MemberClicks portfolio:

  • We launched MC | LMS to empower organizations to engage their communities through learning. Whether you offer a certification or if education is a strategic part of your organization’s mission, we built our LMS to simplify the learner and administrative experiences at a tailored price.

  • We launched MC | Job Board because associations and chambers have an unrivaled power to create value for their members and communities. The job board creates another channel of value delivery by connecting employers with the highly engaged, qualified candidates chambers and associations serve.

We’re very proud of the accomplishments of 2019 and we continue to delight in the momentum we see our customers creating. It’s a real joy to deliver features and products that meaningfully enable thousands of organizational missions throughout North America.

As we look to 2020, we expect the number of ways membership organizations engage members to continue to increase. In addition to supporting new and evolving channels, we’re focusing on enabling you to deepen person-to-person connections, creating meaningful moments throughout the membership journey.

Thank you once again and from all of us Clickers and happy holidays.

(Duncan McCreery, MemberClicks Chief Experience Officer)