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Increase Non-Dues Revenue and Membership Value with an Association Job Board

MemberClicks Blog Avatar MemberClicks Blog March 2, 2021
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As part of an association, you know how imperative generating non-dues revenue is to supporting your organization. There are your traditional methods to drive revenue: hosting events, industry sponsorships, fundraising, etc. But there are some other avenues that you might not have considered!

Adding a job board to your organization’s website is one of the easiest ways to start creating extra revenue and building membership value. The concept is simple: businesses pay you to post their jobs on your website! And, hosting a job board on your website will attract employers advertising industry-specific jobs, job seekers on the hunt for relevant opportunities, and non-members who find value in members-only career center benefits. 

The perfect job board for associations will include benefits like:

  • A revenue share program that allows your organization to get a majority percentage of revenue generated from your job board. There's no annual, monthly, or setup cost for the job board!
  • The ability to enhance membership value through exhibiting a long-term commitment to the career growth of your members and linking them to their next opportunity. And, on the other side, increase the return on dues by giving members special pricing to post a job and find the perfect candidates!
  • Seamless integration with your membership management software to offer member vs. non-member pricing, or limit access entirely to members only.
  • The opportunity to elevate your organization's credibility by establishing yourself as a reliable leader in finding qualified candidates for the most important jobs that elevate your industry. This will increase your web traffic organically and further position your organization as the source for quality talent acquisition!

Think a job board might be right for you? Check out our guide below:

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