Small staff association leaders are our customers, advisors and pals. We probably don’t tell you as often as we should how awesome you are, but honestly your work probably speaks for itself day in and day out.

Here’s how you prove to us, your association, and really the world why small staff association leaders are powerful!

Five Ways Small Staff Association Pros are Powerful Leaders

1)   Human Relations Skills

Small Staff Association leaders are often very approachable. Think about it: without the staff and red tape of a formal office or large association, members and potential members are probably more comfortable reaching out. And why not? You don’t get into association leadership unless you’re an approachable person! Small staff association leaders find themselves giving career advice, making connections, even occasionally counseling members through tough times. It’s an important skill, and not one to be overlooked!


2)   Diplomacy

Conflicts pop up in associations, and the leaders are almost always at the crux. They have to tow the line between the necessity to get things done and the concerns of the board, members, or other leaders. They have to break the bad news about budget cuts and programs that have lost support or leadership. They get to convince emerging leaders to take on extra responsibility, and since that often involves volunteering and not necessarily monetary payment that’s a tough call!


3)   Masterful Event Planning

Small Staff Association leaders have a lot of help with their spectacular volunteers, but since volunteers have full time jobs and other obligations a lot of time the heavy lifting has to be done by the association’s leader. That means booking venues, marketing events, catering, entertainment, rentals, and every other aspect of event planning you could imagine is fair game for small staff association leaders.


4) Resourcefulness

Due to their myriad of skills and responsibilities, not to mention limited financial resources, small staff association leaders are often confronted with the necessity to do more with less. They’re pros at finding less expensive ways to go a conference, how to save money on events and promotional costs, and how to get members the best quality for their dues dollars.


5) Jack of all trades

Finally, small staff association leaders put that variety of skills and expertise. Add to those we just mentioned: public speaking, media and PR skills, marketing ,many technical skills like photo editing and computer work, not to mention expertise in the association field itself and you have an individual ready to take on the world.


So hold your head up, small staff association leader! You are truly a role model for your members and the workforce at large.

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