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AMCs are in the business is helping associations grow and prosper, so we make it our business to help you succeed. Personify understands your business model and your needs as an AMC; therefore, we want to make things simple for you and your staff by offering the following:

Software and Services

  • Minimum 10% discount on recurring MC Professional and MC Trade AMS subscription costs (website included!)
  • 50% off one-time MC Pro and MC Trade onboarding cost
  • Access to promotional discounts for additional Personify solutions (that integrate with MemberClicks!) including an online community, learning management system, conference app, event registration, and event management solutions

Other Benefits

  • Exclusive pricing to Personify hosted-education events (Virtual Product Training, PersoniFest or similar event)
  • Opportunities to share your content with Personify clients and prospective clients (Ex: blog posts, webinars, speaking opportunities)

Why Personify?

Our Community Experience Platform helps you meet your client’s emerging needs and create better relationships within your community. Build stronger relationships with your clients and create unforgettable member experiences with our flexible solutions, tailored to fit your client’s size, industry, and growth plan.


Community Experience Platform


Personify is a proud Strategic Partner of the AMC Institute.

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