growing and engaging association membership by seamlessly delivering content

No matter your industry, many members will join your association looking for resources – for their current role, to grow their careers, and even to manage their businesses.

That said, simply having great content isn’t enough. With so much in your arsenal (and so many members who depend on it), you need a way to deliver it without a hitch.

Enter: A learning management system, or LMS. Added to your tech ecosystem, an LMS will take your content delivery to the next level by using it to both market your association and provide value to members.

Thinking from a marketing perspective: You know that many potential members will come to your website to see what resources you have to offer. Without an LMS, you might be forced to provide everything to everyone. (Or perhaps even worse, not have the capacity to share any of your content at all.)

But with a robust LMS, you could:

  • Make access to your content a member benefit. You want potential members to experience a little bit of FOMO (fear of missing out) so definitely promote it on your website, but keep the actual access locked up behind a members-only login. Your website visitors will be all the more encouraged to join!

  • Strengthen your organization’s credibility. Become a must-join organization in your industry! Word will spread that you’re delivering content in a fast, polished, user-friendly way. Plus, with joining being a requirement for access, it gives you and your content a feeling of exclusivity.

Happy and engaged members will tell their colleagues about their experience. And word-of-mouth marketing is effective! But how will an LMS engage your members?

  • By helping them earn important certifications. Tracking continuing education credits (CEUs) is another way you can support your members’ careers. Whether that certification lies within your organization or out, your assistance will cultivate loyalty!

  • One resource will lead to another, and another, and another. Having one central location to host all of your content (ALL of it – videos, whitepapers, eBooks, etc.) will make it a whole lot easier for members to discover new things.

Ultimately, an LMS will help you do more of what you do best. Members join associations to learn, and being able to efficiently manage those efforts means spending more time curating great content and programs, and less time administering them.

Have you heard? MemberClicks is now offering MC | LMS, a new, full-scale learning management system – and you can see it in action! Request your demo webinar below, and we’ll show you how you can affordably and easily deliver valuable content and information to members and the industry at large.