The more engaged your conference attendees are, the more fun they’re likely having, and not only that, but the more value they’re likely getting. (And delivering value is what conferences are all about!) 

So how then can you ensure your conference attendees are, in fact, engaged? Take a look at this little checklist!

Before the conference… 

  • Determine a hashtag for attendees to use before, during, and after the conference
  • Include the designated hashtag in promotional materials (on the website, in blog posts, in your onsite guide, etc.)
  • Identify a conference app provider and, once content is ready to go, start promoting ASAP 
  • Brainstorm an in-app contest that you could run onsite (Check out this scavenger hunt example one of our customers did using the MemberClicks Conference App!) 
  • If you have an active online social community, create a forum for your conference (and encourage your members to ask questions/network beforehand) 

During the conference… 

  • Remind attendees about the app, hashtag, and in-app contest (if you’re running one)
  • Post regularly on social media throughout the conference (particularly on Twitter, if your members are active there) 
  • Like, retweet, and/or respond to ALL social media posts related to your conference 
  • Send push notifications through your conference app (Lunch is about to begin…,Check out our Zen Den, sponsored by [Name], for a little R&R…, etc.)
  • Ask for session feedback immediately following each breakout session 
  • Introduce attendees to other attendees (particularly any you may see standing alone) 
  • Have trivia questions running on the screens while attendees are waiting for keynote(s) to begin (These could be trivia questions about your speakers, host city, industry, etc.)
  • Have at least one interactive station where attendees can gather and hang out between sessions (a candy bar, a “Brain Boost Bar” featuring a variety of healthy snacks, a giant coloring wall, etc.)

After the conference…

  • Send your attendees a post-event survey
  • Post photos and/or videos on your website and social media 
  • Create a “[Conference Name] Takeaways” one-pager and send to all attendees (You could ask your speakers to provide you with one or two key takeaways from their session and compile those) 
  • Publish a series of blog posts inspired by (or simply recapping) conference content 

Want more tips for engaging your conference attendees, particularly when they’re onsite? Check out our free guide below!