why you should attend memberclicks virtual training

You already know that we host regional training events three to four times a year around the US. For our next event, we’re going all virtual! Sessions will still be conducted live by our expert trainers (and go more in-depth than a 101 session) but this way you and your fellow staff can join us from the comfort of your office!

And even though we won’t be in a room together, this two-day deep dive into your database will be beneficial if you find yourself in any of these situations:

  • You need to dust off your software skills. Be honest – has it been a while since you’ve attended a training? Have you ever attended a training? Virtual Training will get you sorted out – and then some!

  • You’re looking for a new angle. If you’ve ever wondered if there’s a better way to do something in your system, there probably is. Virtual Training is a collaborative environment: We welcome questions and discussion! You may even discover a something new that’ll change the way you manage your database just by listening.

  • Your organization is looking to grow. Aren’t we all? At Virtual Training, we’ll go over ways you can easily use your database to attract new prospects, convert them into members, and engage existing members so well that the decision to renew will be a no-brainer.

  • You want to be your organization’s power user. If you’re ready to step into this prestigious role, Virtual Training is for you. The training content is designed to uncover all stones in your database. After these two days, you’ll be confident enough to tackle any task and guide your organization to membership management excellence!

  • You have new staff that need an in-depth crash course. Or perhaps you just hired someone knowing that they’ll have to be working in your database quite often. There’s no better way to get their feet wet than to attend Virtual Training!

  • You want to maximize your experience. We’re constantly releasing new features and making updates in your system. Attending a training event every year (virtual or in person) keeps you up to speed on everything your database can help you do!

Virtual Training will be here before you know it! Secure your seat by registering and adding it to your calendar ASAP.

Atlas user training is April 24 & 25 and will go over Level Two and Three training content. (We recommend you go through Level One sessions prior to attending.) Learn more, view topical agendas, and register here!

Oasis user training is May 1 & 2 and will go over Level One and Two training content. Learn more, view topical agendas, and register here!