online learning and associations are a perfect pair

Online learning initiatives are on the rise. Between advancements in different tools and the way we communicate, just about anyone can pretty easily create valuable, educational content to share. (Really, though – spend just 5 minutes on YouTube and see how many “how to” videos you can find!)

Well if you ask me, an online learning program would mean an increase in association membership value and engagement like no other. And you already have what you need to get started.

Still not sure? Here’s why associations and online learning just make sense:

  • You’re used to providing expertise to members, but housing and distributing your resources online will make them more accessible. Whether your program is formal or simply a content delivery initiative, members will be able to access what they need when they need it. (And as an added bonus, that means a whole lot less work for your staff, too.)
  • You’d be giving members a way to easily get credit toward continuing education. If your industry requires some kind of certification, you KNOW members will be all about it! That quick and easy accessibility to all of your resources is key – and, paired with progress tracking via a learning management system, you’re looking at a total membership value gold mine.
  • You want to help members stay up-to-date with industry changes. As technology continues to evolve, your industry will continue to adapt. And your members will always turn to you to stay at the forefront of any changing policies, procedures, and best practices.
  • You want to help non-members, too. In part because you care about the success of your industry, of course. But you also want to attract more members and adding an online learning program to your benefits package will do just that!

See? You have to agree, an online learning program would be a perfect fit for any association. Now that you’re all energized and ready to create one for your association, you may be wondering…how do I start? It’s pretty easy! In fact, we boiled it down to three simple steps in this guide: