Any membership management software has a learning curve – that time in the beginning as you and your staff learn all the “how to’s” of your new system. But what about after that…when you know the “how to’s” and you want to focus on the “how best’s”?

That’s where our Customer Success team comes in. Made up of product and industry experts, our Customer Success team is here for in-depth consultations and coaching to help you and your staff get more value from your MemberClicks product.

The Customer Success team has a number of services, both paid and complimentary, that can help you along your journey toward mastering your software:

Best Practice Consultations

Have a specific initiative or challenge to tackle? Curious how other organizations accomplish their goals with MemberClicks products? Do you have a new membership model you want to roll out? We want to help!

With a Best Practice Consultation, we’ll take a deep-dive into your individual system and determine a set of manageable action items that will accomplish your goal. These consultations are designed to set you up for success with this specific initiative or challenge, and to be confident in accomplishing others in the future!

Account Reviews

If you’ve ever wondered if there was an easier way to do something, or if there are features that exist but you’re totally missing out on, an Account Review is for you! In an Account Review, we’ll go over your database’s report card – our infamous Feature Usage Gap Analysis (FUGA) report. It analyzes the way your organization uses its database from top to bottom. By taking a look at the results, we’ll be able to recommend some features that you could be leveraging more!

User Groups

We love seeing clients network with each other for best practices and strategies, and we’ve even helped put together a few of these groups ourselves. If you are part of a specific industry and you have peers who also use our products, or if you are regionally based and you want to connect with other clients nearby, we can help you put together groups of customers who meet regularly to discuss best practices, bounce ideas off each other, and support each others’ initiatives. These groups can be led by a Customer Success Manager, and sometimes include guest speakers from clients or MemberClicks.

And don’t forget our recurring online Users Group, where we meet regularly to discuss new features, strategic how-to lessons, and sometimes guest speakers or case studies! Available for all product users, these calls occur every other Wednesday at 1pm EST.

Click here for the Oasis user schedule
Click here for the Atlas user schedule

MemberClicks Classic Upgrades

Are you still on the MemberClicks Classic platform? Well then we really want to chat with you: Simply put, the system you’re using is outdated! And you’re not getting the most out of your technology that you could. Contact us to see how we can upgrade your system. (And yes, we can import your data from the old one to the new one!)

New Modules and Services

Looking to add something to your Atlas or Oasis product? We can help you identify the best route for your goals, by determining what’s the best path for you with the following products and services:

  • New websites
  • Reports and data work
  • Additional modules and tools
  • Custom and onsite training sessions

As you can see, our Customer Success team does quite a bit. Does any of the above sound like it would be beneficial for you and your team? Don’t be shy – reach out to them by asking our Help team to connect you to Customer Success!