One great thing about having a website dedicated to JUST your event is that you have room to really show your audience what your event is all about and why they should attend. And since it’s an entirely new website—separate from your organization’s, anyway—the opportunities are endless!

So endless, though, that you may not know where to start. That’s why we came up with eight things besides how to register or get tickets (that’s a given!) that we suggest you include on an event website:

    1. The event date and location
      Not only should it be front and center when people land on the homepage, but you’ll want to repeat the dates and location throughout the website to keep it top of mind.

    2. An “About” section
      Tell the story of your event! With its own website, you have all the room you need to really tell your audience what it’s all about, and what they can expect when they arrive.

    3. Pictures and videos from previous events
      But beyond telling the story, show it! Written descriptions are helpful for being straightforward and clarifying any confusion, but pictures and videos will really demonstrate the excitement and energy of your event.

    4. Testimonials from previous attendees
      Even more powerful than your own words, pictures, or videos are the experiences of past attendees. That social proof gives validation to your event, so be sure to use it! (Tip: consider asking attendees for a quote in your follow-up survey.)

    5. The schedule
      Lay out exactly what activities attendees will have access to so they can plan ahead. (And see the value in attending!) It’s ok if you don’t know everything all at once: try to release the bulk of it at first, but adding more things here and there as you get closer to the event will give you more to promote.

      Note: Be sure to include a line about activities being “subject to change.”(You never know what conflicts may pop up!)

    6. Showcase your sponsors
      Give sponsors some extra love with an entire page dedicated to all of them. This is another great way to add to sponsorship value: real estate on your event’s website is valuable alone, but consider giving more to your big spenders. (For example, linking to their website or giving a small description of their business.)

    7. An FAQ
      Naturally, people will have questions, so create a place where you can address what typically comes up. Be sure to address typical attendee questions, too! If you’ll have attendees from out of town, you might even include things to do in the area when they have down time.

    8. Your policies
      Specifically, when it comes to attendee cancellation and anything weather-related. You want to have something to point back to in all scenarios. Plus, it’s just best practice to be transparent!

Hopefully, this will give you a good start when you’re ready to build your event’s website. And hey – did you know that we can help you out with that? With a MemberClicks Event Microsite, you can easily do all of the above and more to promote your event and truly showcase its value. Learn more below!