Hi, everyone! If you’re visiting the Splash blog for the first time after meeting us at ASAE’s Annual Meeting, we wanted to share a few reasons why MemberClicks is different from other association management software providers. We’re obsessed with small staff associations, and it’s our mission to make their lives easier.

1. We’re Obsessed With Your Experience.
We are passionate about making everything about MemberClicks uniquely refreshing: responsive support, easy billing, streamlined processes and friendly, knowledgeable people. We don’t want a single kink in this chain … and we hope it shows.

2. Unrivaled Support.
We believe that a product is only as good as the support around it. Phone lines to real people – people in our office, not some outsourced call center. Speedy response and resolution times. Free monthly training, a library of how-to videos, and a host of online resources.

3. Completely Integrated. Completely Important.
Consider a world where every part of your system – website, members-only section, membership management database, event registration – works together, whether you’re accessing them through our web interface or via our open API. That translates into ease-of-use and sanity for you.

4. The Best Value Around.
You might find a cheaper solution, but you won’t find a better, more responsible value. Top-flight functionality. No per-seat licenses. Pay-as-you-go transactional pricing. Multiple product upgrades each year. Free mobile apps so you can use us on-the-go. No nickel and diming. It’s a refreshing change of pace from what’s out there.

5. Design Included!
We aren’t content with your solution just working great. We want it to look good too. That’s why we include custom design with all of our products. Who else does that? We’ll match your site or give you a fresh, custom design that matches the personality of your organization.

6. Proven. Safe.
We’ve seen many good companies come and go. In these uncertain times, you can rest assured that we’ll be here … In business since 1998, we serve more than 1,500 organizations. Say hello to peace of mind. You and your membership deserve it.

7. We Won’t Lock You In.
While we do have typical contracts to protect you, you won’t ever be stuck in long-term agreements. Instead, we want to have to earn your business every single day. We want to keep our customers, so every experience you have is an important one.

8. Continual Improvement Is More Than A Motto.
As part of our commitment to always improving, MemberClicks releases free upgrades to our products 4-6 times each year, based largely on customer input. Our IDEAS forum allows you to suggest, discuss and vote on new features with other customers and the MemberClicks team.

9. A Refreshing Implementation Approach.
With MemberClicks, you can rest easy in the fact that you’ll have your own dedicated Implementation Manager and a well-documented, phased setup approach to keep you feeling comfortable and confident.

10. Integrated Payment Processing.
In addition to working with all the major payment processors, we offer special rates for our customers in conjunction with Moolah Payments. Moolah is made up of professionals who have experience in the non-profit and association world, making them the best choice for your organization.