Have you ever X’d out of a page because the writing was too complicated, long, boring, or dense? Be honest. No one is watching you nod or reporting back to your high school lit teacher.

It happens. We just don’t have the time to read dense copy any more. We may still enjoy it in our leisure reading but when we’re trying to find an answer online quickly, we want skimmable content.

If you expect potential members to read twenty bullet points of benefits, or worse, you think reading those will convince them to join your association, you’re wrong. 

Make these changes today to your homepage

Making a few simple changes to your homepage can increase your membership conversion rates.

More white space, less text

This one hurts me to write but when it comes to your homepage, use impactful graphics and make a statement with open space.  White space acts as a frame for your words. Just as in the case of a picture, a frame can be the difference between a piece you notice and one you walk right by.

Less text means more importance

If you’re cutting back your words on your homepage like what was suggested above, every word (left) must do something. No extras. No freeloaders. Each one must work hard to convey your message and convert potential members.

If the word doesn’t “do” anything, cut it. Pretend you have to pay by the word for the copy that appears on your homepage. Be ruthless.

Solve a problem

Your homepage content must solve a problem, or meet a challenge, for potential members. The problem could be job advancement, education, getting published, or becoming more well-known.

There’s a reason why joining your association will benefit their lives. Tell them what that is and how you will do it. Then tell them again.

And again.

Use headers

Part of creating skimmable content is using headers and varying text sizing. If you’re glancing at this article, you know quickly what changes I suggest making to your content. The “reader” can get the gist without reading and dive deeper into the changes that interest him/her.

Create this same visual ease of content digestion on your homepage.

While you’re at it, throw out your book that tells you how to write paragraphs. Hard returns for no logical grammar reason create interest and emphasis.

A great homepage will educate, inform, and ideally entertain. While it’s easy to strip away excess content, and most of us need to in order to create a more persuasive website, it means what we have left needs to work all that much harder.

If you make these changes, more people will understand what you offer and join because you’ve fed them the basics they need to make a decision.