membership software tips for easily managing events

Association and chamber events are an important piece to the member engagement puzzle. That being said, there is always a LOT to manage. That’s why we built your membership management software (whether that’s Atlas or Oasis) with the features to make managing events – large or small – a whole lot easier!

No matter which of our products you use, these tips can surely help you out:

Customize registration forms

We realize that every event is a little different and you won’t want (or need) to capture the same information each time an attendee registers for something. Our form features are totally customizable, so you can ask for as much or as little information as you need! Ask about dietary restrictions, t-shirt sizes, what session they’re definitely going to attend, their favorite color – whatever you need that will help make organizing the event and engaging your attendees easier.

And, if you’re having trouble or just don’t have the time to build a complex form, our team is here to help! Contact our Professional Services team and they’ll get you on your way!

Automate receipts and confirmations

Once you have your registration set up, sit back and relax! Payment receipts and registration confirmation are automatically sent to the email address your member submits along with their registration – so they’ll know right away that it went through, and you don’t have to worry about following up to confirm. Consider that forever checked off your event prep list!

Another thought: Consider including a line in your confirmation email template about sharing the event on social media! Since they’ll be super stoked after just registering, chances are they’ll be willing to share the event with their colleagues.

Contact registrants quickly

Both Atlas and Oasis allow you to quickly email all registrants tied to a specific event – don’t be afraid to use this capability! This comes in handy especially in the days leading up to your event (in case of last minute changes) – and the days after.

A tried and true method of continually promoting your recurring events is to capitalize on the buzz and announce next year’s date and location as soon as possible. This can be an email you build and have ready to go as attendees are leaving, the following Monday when they’re back in the office, or a few days after they’ve had a chance to come back and catch up – whatever makes most sense!

Utilize your thorough reporting options

A successful event means knowing where you stand at all times. Be sure to pull reports regularly out of your system (again, either Atlas or Oasis) that show how many attendees you have, where you are toward reaching your revenue goals, and more. You can get as deep as pulling reports based on those customized registration fields, too. (It always comes back to the form!)

Both systems also give quick access to high-level reporting, so you can share only the most important details with certain stakeholders (like your Executive Director or the board).

Connect conveniently on-the-go

With events being cloud-based in both systems, you can easily manage them on any computer, laptop, or tablet – meaning you can accept those walk-up, on-site registrations and payments, and check on reporting and progress mid-event.

Even better? The ability to literally put all of your event information in the palm of your attendees hands – yes I’m talking about MemberClicks’ Conference App!

Giving your attendees quick and easy access to event information means: less time spent answering the same questions over and over, attendees can build out their own conference schedule ahead of time, you can ask for feedback directly in the app while everything is fresh in their mind, you can push last-minute changes directly to every attendee…all of this (and more) connected directly to your Atlas or Oasis database for real-time attendance and information updates. If that sounds like something that would be beneficial to your events, you can learn more and request more information here: