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Social media platforms are constantly rolling out new features – that’s no surprise. But Twitter’s latest update could be a real game-changer, particularly for association’s social media.

The popular social media network recently announced that users can now broadcast live video directly from the app.

If you download the latest version of Twitter on your phone, you’ll notice that when you go to compose a message, you’ll see the following:

Twitter Live Video.jpg

See that new “LIVE” button on the bottom right? All you have to do is click that, enter a caption to go with your video (if you want), and voila! That’s it. And while you’re recording, you can even change your camera’s perspective – to show you, what you’re looking at, or both!

And best of all, you can interact with other users while you’re live streaming. You can see who’s watching your video and send them hearts and comments – to boost online engagement.

So what’s so great about this? Well first of all, it’s EASY! You don’t have to have fancy equipment or special apps to create video. You can use the platforms you already have and the tools you already know how to use. And since video popularity is on the rise (with some people suggesting that 50 percent of your content be video), this is a quick and easy way to get your foot in the door and see what works well for your association.

Now you might be thinking, how is this any different than Facebook Live, aside from the platform? Well that’s just it: It’s the platform that’s different and that alone can have a major impact. See, Twitter is known for showcasing personalities and breaking news – both of which can be amplified by the use of video. Why not showcase your association’s personality by broadcasting an office tour or a quick Q&A with your staff? Ask them what they’re reading, watching, or one item they can’t currently live without. People love those fun, personal tidbits. Or, consider announcing a contest on Twitter (via video, of course) or your next event’s keynote speaker. Again, that breaking news element really draws people in.

At the end of the day, with or without video, Twitter is a great way to engage your members and potential members. Not really sure how to use the platform to its full advantage? Check out our Small-Staff Guide to Social Media below! It’s filled with best practices for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more! (And bonus: It’s FREE!)