In honor of Halloween, we’re talking about scary things. There are some concerns out there that really strike fear in the hearts of your members. The good news is that you can help with that stuff! Here’s how.

Top Member Fears 

The Fear: Falling behind in their industry

With technology breakthroughs blossoming every day, many industries need constant updates in training and certification to stay relevant. It’s easy to get left behind when you take care of your day-to-day: you might miss the boat on the “next big thing.”

How your association can help: Consider framing some programming around the latest technological developments in your industry. If there are trainings and certifications to renew, perhaps study groups or tutorials could be part of your association’s offerings.


The Fear: Upsetting the work/life balance

As important as career success and your association is to your members, home and family always comes first. A great “life” part of the work/life balance is what makes your members successful at work and in your association.

How your association can help: If a member needs to disengage for a little while to handle things at home, be forgiving! Host family-friendly events sometimes can make a huge difference to a member who wants to spend time with their kids and participate in association events.  Also, be sure to encourage a healthy balance within your association. A leader saying that it’s important can make a huge difference for family men/women when they’re ready to sign off from the association entirely saying, “It takes up too much time. I need to spend more time with my family.”


The Fear: Their jobs being in jeopardy 

Jobs are critical, especially when your member provides for a family. In this uncertain economy, losing a job could be a setback that resonates for years.

How your association can help: You can’t guarantee a job for your members, but you can help poise them to be secure in their skills for their current positions and meet industry leaders who could connect them with a future job. Emphasize the benefits of those networking events! If you happen to know of members who are unemployed or who are looking for their next career move, be strategic with introductions if you can.


Halloween doesn’t have to be terrifying for your members! Talk with them sometime and ask a few what their major concerns are. You (and definitely they) will be surprised how much your association can help!