The ASAE annual meeting is truly a multimedia experience, boasting beautiful sights and delicious tastes and smells. But what sort of audio experience can you expect to have? Let’s take a moment and go over the sweet sounds you can expect at ASAE 2013.

The Sweet Sounds of ASAE 2013


There is a terrific lineup of great musicians at ASAE official events. The Go Go’s are playing at the Opening Ceremonies on Saturday night. You might remember this fun song from yesteryear!

And while we’re listening to musical blasts from the past, the Closing Ceremonies will feature the Atlanta Drum Line and the World Classic Rockers, featuring former members of Journey, Boston, Santana, Steppenwolf, and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Combine that with the music that will be flowing from the parties and events around ASAE and there will be no lack of awesome music in Atlanta next week! Including Amy Gerhartz, the amazing acoustic guitar playing at the Small Staff Shindig!

Lectures and Learning Labs:

The information coming to your ears from the sessions and learning labs might not inspire you to get up and dance, but it’ll definitely be music to your ears. The lessons delivered at ASAE are a great way to really engage in active listening. Take notes! Ask questions! Jot down ideas and things to research later! Really tune your brain in and dig deep. You never know where the next big idea will appear!


It’s not all work and dancing. ASAE is often a reunion of sorts where people who regularly engage from all over the country are able to hang out! Events like this only happen a few times a year, but E-mail and social networking can happen from anywhere in the country. There’s nothing quite like being reunited, however, and old friends and new ones are likely to toast and laugh at ASAE.

Great conversation:

It’s in that toasting and laughing that really good conversations happen. Sure, they’re not all about work, work, work. Sometimes we’re just checking in on each other. But often great ideas get tossed around and amazing partnerships are formed. You know how they say great business is conducted on the golf course? Well we think great business can be conducted at receptions and parties too. Not to mention tweet ups, lounges, 5ks, concerts…


Finally, at the end of the day, you have a moment alone with your thoughts. (Well, that might not happen until you’re on the flight home, but either way.) That’s when your sort business cards, review notes, and look over the next day’s schedule. It’s also where you rest. We’re not guaranteeing a lot of that, but sometimes the sound of silence is the most important thing you can hear to get the most out of your experience.

There are a lot of sweet sounds at ASAE. We’re just days away! While you’re packing and planning your schedule, we invite you to pencil in the Small Staff Shindig!