“What are you doing” appears at the top of every Twitter user’s home page.

But let’s face it — we all can’t be doing something worth tweeting about all the time. My followers don’t need to know that I ate Greek yogurt and fruit for breakfast. They need to know what I find worthwhile

“What is interesting?” is the real question we should all be answering when posting things to Twitter.

“Interesting” has a whole different connotation — photos are interesting, links are interesting, jokes are interesting … the possibilities are endless.

The more interesting your tweets are, there more people will be willing to follow you. However, the number of followers you have isn’t the best way to judge success. In my opinion, it’s more important to get a decent amount of mentions and retweets — we all want people to be talking about us, if only to assure us we’re not tweeting to an empty cyberspace!

Rather than flooding your Twitter stream with “I’m sitting in traffic”-type messages, share useful links, fun photos, event reminders and cool facts about your organization. Your organization’s online presence will be more engaging and useful, and you’ll be building a great foundation for valuable relationships.