Email marketing is a tricky business. Get it right and you could have friends for life. But get it wrong, and you could push away even your most loyal members.

To help you avoid the latter, we’ve put together a quick list of email dos and don’ts. Take a look!

DO create a compelling subject line

Whether you’re sending out welcome emails, important announcements, or annual dues reminders, your content is worthless if your emails aren’t getting opened. That’s why subject lines are so important. When creating subject lines, keep them relevant, interesting, and accurate without being too over the top. 

DON’T forget a call-to-action 

CTAs are words or phrases that try to provoke an immediate response, such as “click here” or “call today.” You can’t expect your members to do something if you never ask, so always include a CTA in your emails. 

DO get to the point

No matter how great your email copy is, if it’s too long, no one will read it. Keep your email copy short with the most important information at the top.  

DON’T overly design 

If you’re sending out a message that’s text heavy or that really needs to grab attention, such as a newsletter or event promotion, a well-designed email is preferred. That being said, don’t overly design your organization’s email. Stick to something that’s simple and gets your brand across quickly.

DO send yourself a test 

Before sending out an email, always, always, always test it. Just as websites can look different in different web browsers, emails can look different in different email services. Send yourself a test in Gmail as well as Outlook to make sure everything appears as it should.

DON’T forget about compliance

If you live in the United States, your emails must be CAN-SPAM compliant. That CAN-SPAM Act is a federal law that sets the rules for commercial email and spells out tough penalties for violations. For a list of CAN-SPAM requirements, please visit the Federal Trade Commission’s website

For more best practices, download our free email marketing guide below!