Thinking about your members-only portal: how hard do you have to work just to get members to sign in for the first time?

You and I and your fellow staff know that once they get there, members are met with a ton of valuable information and they’ll be more likely to revisit and use their portal as intended. But adoption itself is often the biggest hurdle.

That’s why we put together a template for telling your members exactly why they should take advantage of this tool:


Your members-only portal is your one-stop-shop for all things related to [ORGANIZATION NAME]. It houses all of your unique membership information, giving you the tools you need to learn, connect, and grow within the organization.

In fact, we’ll break down the most popular items for you:

  • Financial information
    See a detailed history of transactions you’ve made with [ORGANIZATION NAME], as well as any open invoices for dues, event registration, and more.

  • Dues renewal
    Can’t remember your dues renewal date? Find it, and payment amount, in your members-only portal! You can even make your payment or view any recurring payment setup here, too.

  • Event information
    View and register for upcoming events, review your event attendance and payment history, and connect with other members attending the same upcoming events.

  • Personal and professional updates
    Role change? New address? Keep us up-to-date so we can provide you with the benefits and communications that you care about.

  • Message and form submission history
    Review any communications between you and [ORGANIZATION NAME], as well as the information you’ve shared with us by submitting forms. (Join form, event registration, volunteer sign-ups, etc.)

  • Member directory
    Access our dynamic member directory through the members-only portal, and make connections with your peers and potential business partners!

  • News and important announcements
    Your members-only portal is where you’ll find important updates about [ORGANIZATION NAME] and your membership as a whole. We regularly include information that is not open to the public, so be sure to check back often.

Need we say more? Log in today by visiting: [MEMBERS-ONLY PORTAL LINK].



Of course, the items you’ll include all depend on what you have behind your members-only portal, and how you’d like members to use it. Your membership directory, for example, may be public! And there may even be things you’d want to include that we didn’t mention.

But before you can use this template to encourage inactive members to sign in, you have to make sure the portal is good to go. That starts with determining what would make your members-only setup valuable to your members. For tips on how to do just that, download our free guide: