I’ve been at ASAE’s Technology Conference and Expo since Tuesday, and I’m beginning to think that I am fusing with my iPad. Not because I’m constantly updating social media (although I am) or staying in touch with my office in Atlanta (I’m doing that too) but because I am constantly taking notes.

photo 6

I can’t turn my iPad off or put it away for longer than 3 minutes. Literally every person I talk to says something that triggers an idea about this blog, or the Association world, or even my personal life and ways to enhance my social media presence and personal brand.

If you use an iPad, the app I’ve been using is called Noteshelf. I can scribble and write with my hand as opposed to typing, which is great for quick-thinking ideas on the fly. If you’re not quite as digital, most smart phones have note-taking apps or you can always keep a pad and paper handy.

You never know when the next big idea is going to come, but you can help it along by following these three simple steps from Networking 101:

1) Talk to everyone

2) Listen

3) Take notes!